PC: Guardian Ghost


Great-grandson of “The Shadow”, with the powers but lacking with the guidance to use them.

  • Is it really okay to just go bust bad guys on the orders of a mysterious Voice? (independence vs. authority)
  • Is there a place for an old-timey legacy like this in the modern world? (taking corny old tropes seriously)
  • What is a parent’s responsibility to a child, vs. a super’s responsibility to use their powers for good?

Who are you?

Miguel Murphy is the great-grandson of the original Guardian Ghost, Sam Murphy, who put on a coat and fedora and fought crime during World War II. Sam didn’t have any powers to start with, except that he heard a strange Voice, like an old-timey crackly radio announcer. The Voice told him secrets, like where crime bosses were hiding out, and he’d go kick in the door and arrest them or whatever.

Sam had kids, and he got killed, and then his actual ghost came back and started mentoring the family. And his kids had kids, and they had Miguel. Somehow, Sam’s ghost was able to imbue the family with actual shadow-manipulation powers from beyond, and they used these powers to continue the battle against crime. And year after year, generation after generation, the Voice would tell them their purpose and share its secrets.

Miguel is the first of the line not to hear the Voice. He inherited the shadow powers, but they don’t work quite right. His mother thinks this is good - maybe he hasn’t been called after all, and that means he’ll be safe and live a normal life. His father is confident it’s just a matter of time, and pushed him into crimefighting anyway. The spirit of Sam Murphy is still with the family, watching - and judging.

There’s one other voice that isn’t being heard - Miguel’s. But he doesn’t know what he wants to say. Not yet.

When did you officially become a part of your legacy?

Miguel’s father David is the currently active “Guardian Ghost”. He introduced Miguel to other adult heroes on his 16th birthday, proud that the boy had already exhibited powers and would become the next Ghost. A few of Dad’s cronies know about the Voice, and asked about it. Both Miguel and his dad were evasive. But as far as these adult heroes know, Miguel has the job.

What’s the greatest achievement of your legacy?

The original Sam Murphy stopped an international spy ring from blowing up a fleet of American Liberty ships. That put the Guardian Ghost on the map, at least in the superhero community.

How does the public perceive your legacy?

While the public doesn’t know too much about the specifics of the Ghosts, or that they are the Murphy family, they are considered American patriots, and a Guardian Ghost sighting is considered a sign that justice is on the job. Previous Ghosts have been unerringly led to dangerous criminals and anti-government conspiracies, so while their methods and powers are sometimes questionable, their results make up for it.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero?

Miguel is enough of a Murphy to feel obliged to use what powers he has in the cause of justice. But if he’s not able to hear the Voice, can he really be one of the Ghosts? Should he even try? Or - perhaps, like his mother wants - should he put it away, and live a normal life? For now, he associates with other heroes, hoping that maybe this will get the Voice’s attention, or at least give him some kind of direction.

The Legacy

Hero Name: Guardian Ghost
Real Name: Miguel Murphy

Look: man, Latino/White, comfortable clothing, predecessor’s costume (coat, hat, mask), no insignia

Abilities: shadow portals, mind-clouding, shadow cloak stealth - powers are applications of something similar to Marvel’s Darkforce

Labels: Danger -1, Freak +1, Savior +2, Superior +0, Mundane +1

When our team first came together, All things considered, we did well and impressed an established hero. Who was it?



  • You once got caught doing something that shames your legacy with Pelagos.
  • You trust Astralis and told them an important secret of your legacy.

Influence: Give three teammates influence

Legacy Moves:

  • I know what I am (the one thing he knows is that he wants to help people)
  • Words of the past (figuring out what to do is a big deal for Miguel)

Legacy: Your legacy is an important part of Halcyon City. Name the different members of your legacy (at least two):

  • David Murphy (Miguel’s father) is still active and prominent in the city.
  • Sam Murphy (the original Guardian Ghost) is retired and quite judgmental.
  • Katia Murphy (Miguel’s younger sister) is the next possible member of the legacy.

Other family members:

  • Maria Baez Murphy (mother) - daughter of a Mexican super-scientist rescued by David
  • Jesse Murphy (grandfather) - David’s father, retired, former Guardian Ghost
  • Laura Kinsolving Murphy (grandmother) - David’s mother, retired

Whenever time passes, roll + Savior to see how the members of your legacy feel or react to your most recent exploits. Before rolling, ask the other players to answer these questions about your performance. Take -1 to the roll for each “no” answer:

  • have you been upholding the traditions of your legacy?
  • have you maintained the image of your legacy?
  • have you made the other members of your legacy proud?

On a hit, one of them offers you meaningful encouragement, an opportunity, or an advantage. On a 7-9, another is upset with your most recent actions, and will make their displeasure known. On a miss, something you did stirred up the hornet’s nest—expect several members of your legacy to meddle with your life.

More details here, including images: https://chaosfrontier.org/characters/guardian-ghost