PC: Pelagos

NOTE: superseded by Beacon version, below


Who changed you?

The undersea empire of Atlantis, which has engaged in a protracted cold war with the surface world since the 1920s. Despite its age and power, Atlantis is vulnerable - its people are slow to act and slow to decide. They have been interbreeding with humans, or modifying human test subjects, like me, into biological or cybernetic weapons and secret agents.

How did you escape from them?

I swam to the surface and hid out with the aid of a half-Japanese, half-Atlantean ninja named Shinkai Hafuko. She is one like me, meant to infiltrate the surface world and spy on humanity, but she is sympathetic to people.

Who, outside the team, tries to take care of you now?

Fuko is my friend and assistant, keeping me appraised of Atlantis’ movements.

Why do you try to be a hero?

I’ve been given a strength I never had as a human. If I’m to stay alive - and maybe avert a war with Atlantis - I need to be the best of both worlds.

Why do you care about the team?

This team is all weirdos and outsiders. Not a single one of them fits in anywhere, which is why we fit in together.


Hero Name: Pelagos
Real Name: TBD

Look: man, black, calloused hands, ragged clothing, no costume

Abilities: Someone or something changed you, made you into a perfect weapon: superhumanly tough, incredibly strong, and uniquely skilled at fighting. Decide how each of those abilities manifests: powers similar to Aqualad, with an enhanced physique and hydrokinetic powers.

Labels: Danger +2, Freak +2, Savior -1, Superior +1, Mundane -1

When our team first came together, We defeated a dangerous enemy. Who or what was it?



  • TBD is your love. You’ve opened up to them about the worst parts of your past.
  • TBD is your rival. They tried to control you at a crucial moment.

Influence: Give love and rival influence

Bull Moves:

  • In a china shop
  • Physics? What physics?


How did you gain your skills?

I was modified by Sector Zero technology in an attempt to save my life by my wealthy parents. As a result, I was infused with superior physical attributes and “hydrokinesis”: the ability to manipulate, or partially become, water!

When did you first put on your costume?

I wear the costume to hide my identity, so that my parents don’t get in trouble. They loved their son enough to save his life, and I have to repay that by keeping their secret.

Who, outside of the team, thinks you shouldn’t be a superhero?

My parents frown on my existence as a superhero, wanting me to stay home in safety and be their son. At the same time, they fear the authorities will learn about the operation that saved my life, and come down on them. For that reason, I tell stories about “mutation” and leave it at that.

Why do you try to be a hero?

I started using my powers to explore underwater ruins, shipwrecks, anything else interesting, and what I came up with allowed me to become independently wealthy. But I realized what that money was really good for - saving lives, like my parents had done. Why should I be the only beneficiary of this tech and these abilities?

Why do you care about the team?

Most of the team has some kind of trouble with their parents, and some kind of secret they have to keep. I can respect that. I’m not very good in a fight - yet - but I’m smart and determined, and they’ll see how much a rich boy can do.


Hero Name: Pelagos
Real Name: Ricky Cleveland

Look: man, black, average face, stylish clothing, stylish costume

Abilities: If you have superpowers, they’re pretty minor or not noticeable. If you have skills, you carry the necessary equipment. Choose two. Martial arts and acrobatics (via hydrokinetic power)

Labels: Danger +0, Freak -1, Savior +2, Superior +0, Mundane +2

When our team first came together, We found signs that this incident was just the start of something bigger. What were the signs?



  • Sprout is awesome, and you take every chance you get to hang out with them.
  • You’ve got to prove yourself to Guardian Ghost before you feel like a real hero

Influence: You are so excited to be here. Give Influence over you to three of your teammates.

Beacon Moves:

  • Money is my Superpower: ​ When you drop loads of cash, roll +Superior. On a 10+, hold 3, on a 7-9, hold 2: on a miss, hold 1, but you’re tapped out for the adventure and face financial complication. Spend Hold 1-for-1 to: *Earn the temporary obedience of someone motivated by cash; *Get access to somewhere off limits; *Gain something that doesn’t require a security clearance. (Spend another hold to grease the right palms and get your hands on something you ​really ​ shouldn’t).
  • Straight. Up. Creepin’


  • punch someone you probably shouldn’t
  • help a teammate when they most need you
  • earn the respect of a hero you admire
  • reject someone who tells you “you shouldn’t be here