PC: Sprout


Ant-Man as a Borrower.

Where do you come from?

I’m a Borrower - a tiny humanoid who lives in the nooks and crannies of the human world. I have size-shifting powers, though, so I can grow to giant size! Look, I’m almost 5 feet 2!

Why did you come to Earth?

I want to make friends with the giants. My people are hidden away and scarce, and we need to be friends with you.

Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)?

There’s so many amazing things when you’re a giant. All this stuff I saw from a distance, I can get up close and really interact with it!

Why do your people want you to come home?

They’re afraid I’ll get hurt, that you people will hurt us, like you always do.

Why do you care about the team?

These are kids, like me, maybe they’re different like me, maybe we can understand each other.


Hero Name: Sprout
Real Name: Midge Leafstone

Look: ambiguous (character has NB pronouns); (scrawny) human body; bizarre eyes; average clothing; no costume

Abilities: You can fly (via leaves or birds) and you’re pretty tough. Choose two: radical shapeshifting (size-changing), alien weapons (animal allies)

Labels: Danger -1, Freak +2, Savior +0, Superior +2, Mundane +0

When our team first came together, We didn’t trust each other at first, but that changed. How? Why?

Midge was supportive & accepting of these weird-looking heroes!


  • You’ve been learning about Earth by spending time with Pelagos
  • You have a crush on Sabine but you keep it under wraps

Influence: Cheerful - everyone gets influence

Outsider Moves:

  • Alien Tech
  • Alien Ways
  • The Best of Them