Phase 2 characters in Atomic Robo

While Masks is meant for teenage superheroes, we’ve moved a little beyond that. But now our protagonists are exploring undersea empires, hunting down elusive mad scientists, visiting the afterlife, and more! Sounds pretty Atomic. So how would we stat them? Let’s try a few characters and see how it works.

Nono Rodriguez

Concept: Fanfic Writer Turned Secret Agent
Modes: Science (chemistry) +3, Banter +2, Action +1
Skills: Athletics +1, Combat +1, Contacts +2, Deceive +2, Empathy +2, Notice +4, Physique +1, Provoke +3, Rapport +2, Science +3, Vehicles +1, Will +4
Science Aspect: Chemistry Hyper-genius
Banter Aspect: World’s Greenest Super-Spy
Action Aspect: Beginner’s Luck
Omega Aspect: I Refuse to Fall Behind

  • Chapter 1, The Early Years (p. 83)
  • Portable Chemistry Set (p. 85) - not a set per se, but can make do almost anywhere


  • Function: Combat Hyper-patch
  • Flaw: Brain Chemistry Roulette
  • Stunt benefits (3):
    • Use Notice in place of Combat to defend against surprise attacks
    • +1 to Combat to attack or overcome with improvised weapons
    • Once per scene, you may check a mental stress box to absorb physical harm

I think this is correct. Mike can correct me if I screwed anything up here.

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A perfectly reasonable super-scientist that Tesladyne would be happy to have. But I bet we could have some fun with her other half. Just a surface-level take to her character, but it was fun to build out someone with actual super powers in Atomic Robo.

Emma “Hot Mess”

Concept: Villain and Enjoying Every Moment of It
Modes: Pyrokinetic +3, Banter +2, Intrigue +1
Skills: Pyrokinesis +5, Will +4, Burglary +3, Contacts +3, Deceive +3, Athletics +2, Empathy +2, Notice +2, Provoke +2, Rapport +2, Stealth +2
Pyrokinetic Aspect: “TREMBLE AND OBEY!”
Banter Aspect: Subtle Like an Inferno
Intrigue Aspect: Friends in Low Places
Omega Aspect: Mr. Big’s Protege

  • Burning Brighter: Your attacks with Pyrokinesis are Weapon: 4, or Weapon: 6 but at a cost. (2 stunt benefits)
  • Flame Shield: Use Pyrokinesis to defend against physical attacks.
  • The Social Network (pg. 83)
  • Master Plan (pg. 84)

Pyrokinetic Weird Mode (A reskin of Psychokinetic from pg. 89)

Skills: Pyrokinesis, Will
Weird Skill: Pyrokinesis

  • Overcome: Burn down objects and remove obstacles by incinerating them.
  • Create Advantage: Confuse or trick your target with flames and smoke.
  • Attack: Harm someone with fire.
  • Defend: Counter darkness and stealth by creating more light.

Improvements: Specialize two trained skills

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