Phase 3 Concept Art

Since we’re getting started on Phase 3, I figured it was worthwhile to get a thread together with some of the art I’ve been putting together behind the scenes.


  1. Megaverse Medley
  2. Menagerie at Midnight Duo
  3. The Grasscutters
  4. The Seven Wonders (2/7)


  1. The Blockheads [One]
  2. Bodark [One]
  3. Enora Dralis [One]
  4. Glom [One]
  5. Grasscutter One [One]
  6. Grasscutter Mercenary [One]
  7. Khyrrsz [One]
  8. Somber [One]
  9. Vermillion [One]
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So we just met Somber in Every Star a Battlefield. Last September, Bill came to me with just the name and I think I had thrown this together within like half an hour. I don’t know why, but something about the name just struck me.

That said, Somber has ended up being a bit different from what I originally envisioned, so this design might drift a bit as we learn more about them.

The Blockheads named at the end of that story are from a very old piece of Concord art from when I first started making Sentinels card art. I needed some mooks and these robot dudes were the first thing I came up with. We’ll see how much Bill fleshes them out (if at all), but just in case I also make this design for leader-type Blockhead.

And finally, since we’re on space stuff anyway, recently Bill corrected me on my misconception that Enora Dralis mentioned in Phase 2 was just a pseudonym of Sablestar and is instead her own character. With that new information, I figured that I’d take a swing at designing what the Void Shadow’s trainer of the next generation would look like.

The only detail I had to go on was that she was dressed in black and Jordan quickly clocked her as a Light Hope-style character, so I referenced that character’s silhouette from the recent Netflix cartoon. No idea if she’ll show up in Phase 3, but I’m willing to give it a solid maybe with Concord and Friends heading out into space.

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Also in Phase 3, we’ve met two new characters: Bodark and Vermillion.

Bill had fairly developed looks for these characters before I ever got involved, so all I can take credit for is executing Bill’s vision in a visually appealing way. That said, I think this works well, especially for the Urban Fantasy bent that Menagerie at Midnight is taking. Much more Hellblazer than Justice League.

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Well we’ve finally gotten a name for the mercenaries Charade and crew have been dealing with in All Heroes Must Die: The Grasscutters.

I’ve had a big of time to noodle out some ideas for the Grasscutters and have done a bit of sketching trying to figure out what a generic Grasscutter field operative would look like, and this is what I came up with.

I’ve also had some thoughts about either a leader for the Grasscutters or a lead field operative, tenatively named Grasscutter One: an original character whose design is not at all based upon any other character I’ve ever drawn before.

I mean, I guess you could draw some parallels. :smirk:

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Now that we’ve met a couple of the Seven Wonders, time to share some designs.

So to peel back things a little, Bill came to me a couple months ago and told me a bit about the characters, so I had time to come up with a couple designs. Upon hearing the high level concepts (caveman god and gooey Spider-man) I came up with these designs.

These weren’t what Bill was looking for (Khyrrsz, close but needed a bit more gravitas. Glom, nowhere close, needed to much more street level and no tech.) so I went back to the designs.

After a couple more revisions, I came up with these:

Khyrrsz still needs a bit of a clean up pass, but I’m fairly happy with Glom. And then we need to take a pass at the Hand (after I ignore all of the lady stage magician superhero designs my peers in the Sentinels card community have come up with over the years. [No, I don’t know why there are… 6 super stage magicians either. Two even have the same name*.])

For completion’s sake, the existing SotM decks with the theme of “stage magician” are:

  • Hyperbole
  • Magnificent Mara
  • Mr. Magic
  • Pokerface (a villain deck!)
  • Pokerface (a different villain deck?!)
  • Tsukiko the Magnificent
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A first pass at depicting the Launch System, appearing in the Newmenagerie stories. The Hula Hoop at the center can be rotated to face any of the hangars before firing up, and the outer ring can rotate as well when the Hula Hoop is in operation.

The materials here are stock “realtime materials” that come with a Blender add-on. For comic use, I’d work on a comic shader and really pay attention to my lighting.

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