Phase 3 Concept Art

Since we’re getting started on Phase 3, I figured it was worthwhile to get a thread together with some of the art I’ve been putting together behind the scenes.


  1. Megaverse Medley
  2. Menagerie at Midnight Duo
  3. The Grasscutters
  4. The Seven Wonders (2/7)


  1. The Blockheads [One]
  2. Bodark [One]
  3. Enora Dralis [One]
  4. Glom [One]
  5. Grasscutter One [One]
  6. Grasscutter Mercenary [One]
  7. Khyrrsz [One]
  8. Somber [One]
  9. Vermillion [One]
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So we just met Somber in Every Star a Battlefield. Last September, Bill came to me with just the name and I think I had thrown this together within like half an hour. I don’t know why, but something about the name just struck me.

That said, Somber has ended up being a bit different from what I originally envisioned, so this design might drift a bit as we learn more about them.

The Blockheads named at the end of that story are from a very old piece of Concord art from when I first started making Sentinels card art. I needed some mooks and these robot dudes were the first thing I came up with. We’ll see how much Bill fleshes them out (if at all), but just in case I also make this design for leader-type Blockhead.

And finally, since we’re on space stuff anyway, recently Bill corrected me on my misconception that Enora Dralis mentioned in Phase 2 was just a pseudonym of Sablestar and is instead her own character. With that new information, I figured that I’d take a swing at designing what the Void Shadow’s trainer of the next generation would look like.

The only detail I had to go on was that she was dressed in black and Jordan quickly clocked her as a Light Hope-style character, so I referenced that character’s silhouette from the recent Netflix cartoon. No idea if she’ll show up in Phase 3, but I’m willing to give it a solid maybe with Concord and Friends heading out into space.

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Also in Phase 3, we’ve met two new characters: Bodark and Vermillion.

Bill had fairly developed looks for these characters before I ever got involved, so all I can take credit for is executing Bill’s vision in a visually appealing way. That said, I think this works well, especially for the Urban Fantasy bent that Menagerie at Midnight is taking. Much more Hellblazer than Justice League.

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Well we’ve finally gotten a name for the mercenaries Charade and crew have been dealing with in All Heroes Must Die: The Grasscutters.

I’ve had a big of time to noodle out some ideas for the Grasscutters and have done a bit of sketching trying to figure out what a generic Grasscutter field operative would look like, and this is what I came up with.

I’ve also had some thoughts about either a leader for the Grasscutters or a lead field operative, tenatively named Grasscutter One: an original character whose design is not at all based upon any other character I’ve ever drawn before.

I mean, I guess you could draw some parallels. :smirk:

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Now that we’ve met a couple of the Seven Wonders, time to share some designs.

So to peel back things a little, Bill came to me a couple months ago and told me a bit about the characters, so I had time to come up with a couple designs. Upon hearing the high level concepts (caveman god and gooey Spider-man) I came up with these designs.

These weren’t what Bill was looking for (Khyrrsz, close but needed a bit more gravitas. Glom, nowhere close, needed to much more street level and no tech.) so I went back to the designs.

After a couple more revisions, I came up with these:

Khyrrsz still needs a bit of a clean up pass, but I’m fairly happy with Glom. And then we need to take a pass at the Hand (after I ignore all of the lady stage magician superhero designs my peers in the Sentinels card community have come up with over the years. [No, I don’t know why there are… 6 super stage magicians either. Two even have the same name*.])

For completion’s sake, the existing SotM decks with the theme of “stage magician” are:

  • Hyperbole
  • Magnificent Mara
  • Mr. Magic
  • Pokerface (a villain deck!)
  • Pokerface (a different villain deck?!)
  • Tsukiko the Magnificent
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