Phase Two Concept Art

You knew this was going to happen. Figured I would make an attempt at organizing this thread this time. We’ll see how long that lasts.

1337 / Alex Shelby: initial concept art
The Blot: initial concept art
SNOWMAN / John Black: initial concept art
Superchica / Keri Maldonado: 1
Void Shadow Jordan: initial concept art

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Excuse the typo on the image for the name.

Figured some important parts were to make sure this was recognizably Leo but with just a bit more edge to them. The field deployed form is a take on streamlined version of Link’s suit. Not 100% on the color scheme, but figured I would give an attempt at giving the Agents of AEGIS a thematic color scheme (hence why his armor matches with Charade’s).

Bill had recommended the 2014 Robocop cyborg design for Link originally and while I didn’t think it fit Leo, SNOWMAN is an entirely different story. A pair of Adam Jensen-style wrist blades to round things out and I think we’re at least on the right track.


Unlike SNOWMAN, I didn’t already have a solid starting point for 1337, so this one is a bit more exploratory. Stayed pretty close to Bill’s depictions in his comics, but I definitely feel like I could go harder to get that hacker-punk-goblin aesthetic I feel 1337 deserves.

And since wherever Alex goes drones follow, I figured I would concept out a sample all-purpose-surveillance drone. Figure Alex would appreciate a mini-Death Star assisting them on their missions. :slight_smile:

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1337’s particular flavor of nonbinary is gender fluidity, and they do like to mix up how they dress. “I want gender to be like clothes in a wardrobe, and I can put on what I feel fits me” is their touchstone. So feel free to go nuts, however you imagine them dressing.

I think there’d be no limit to Alycia’s irritation level if this happens in-universe


I’m not sure what inspired this design, no clue what-so-ever. This is definitely not an implied character that may show up in the future.


So one of the inciting incidents in Phase Two was the invasion of the Blot and while we’ve seen them in the Save the Date comic series, I definitely feel that their appearance definitely falls into “best representation given the resources available.” So let’s take a stab.

So one thing I did like was their shadowy appearance. Very alien. Perhaps they absorb solar energy and the black skin helps them with that.

But then we also saw that the Blot can get big (perhaps via bonding, innate shapeshifting, or a specialized member of the species? not sure which) so I needed to cover that.

So many questions about these characters.

While she hasn’t shown up, the ASIST concept made me think of who the frequent users of the app would be and that led to Superchica. Not a huge change between Phase 1 and Phase 2, but I also don’t think there needed to be.

Also had an idea for a short story during the Blot invasion involving her (because Keri always gets involved in alien invasions) but need to ponder on that for a bit more this weekend.

With that done, I have a couple more folks in mind for Phase 2 makeovers/first appearances, but I also wanted to hear who everyone else was interested in seeing designs for. So if you’ve got a character either mentioned so far in Phase 2 or just want to see them after the timeskip, let me know.

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Some are being answered here.

I couldn’t tell you why, but I got the clearest image in my mind of the Fight Falcon while reading Frozen in Time. Something between a member of Gatchaman, Birdman, and just a hint of a Batman redesign that made the rounds in 2012 for its “I made what I needed to and reused what I could” feel.

Highly doubt he’s going to be more than a guest star in long run (unless this is Bill secretly introducing a new surprise villain, but I highly doubt that) but figured I’d make the most of his brief appearance as I could.

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