Phase Two Endgame - POLL/FEEDBACK!

So I will always take Daph action.

I don’t remember much about Leo’s mom, so that’s probably a good idea.

I’d love to see some Lee Yan stuff – she’s a fascinating character. But I would minimize the connection to Alycia, narratively – it’s a story about her, not about her relationship with Alycia. Except when it suddenly is.

Mirror Alycia is always a hoot.

I guess I voted for everyone. Go figure.

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So I feel like there’s interest in Phase 3, which will be +1 year from the Invisible Invasion. I don’t know what’ll happen after that (although a Young Menagerie team, with characters like Princess Peri in the roster, would be fun). I’m doing planning for this, and will probably start writing in a couple months.

The goal of P3 is entirely original IP, no Magpie stuff, partially so Mike can work on Sentinels cards unencumbered, partially because I prefer working with fresh stuff.

Within that constraint, if there’s stuff anyone wants to see, other than characters, let me know. This can include plotlines, tones, genres, crossovers (“more Pidgeverse! Gun Club guest stars!”), whatever.

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No, you do not get to turn my jokes into actual things. I mean unless you want to. And they’re cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

:+1: Not that I’m ever upset about getting the file out to take to the serial numbers.

I mean, now that you bring it up it would be interesting to see Pidgeverse become canon (More canon? Not sure how those side stories work into the greater continuity.)

Plus, I always liked this design for Pidgeverse Concord and her power of “become giant space woman”.

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I think I have a pretty good track record here.

So the comics are canon in broad strokes. There really was a sleepover, the Pidgeverse visits happened, and so on. Specific moments that were clearly just setups for jokes probably didn’t happen like that, but something roughly like it may have happened. I didn’t refer to them except for the occasional reference, but I’m happy to wind them in if the audience is interested!

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