Pidgeverse notes

Because I never do this nonsense by halves, in response to Dave’s comment, here’s some notes!


  • The point of the Pidgeverse is to see how gender roles affect our favorite characters’ story arcs. Leah Snow is inspired by different mecha anime than Leo Snow, so her life as a hero looks different.
  • The Pidgeverse is not the place where female empowerment or representation must live - those things should be present in the Prime universe already. Leah Snow’s hero career is different than Leo’s, but she’s no less a hero.
  • Did we make good characters? Flip their gender, watch their story play out, and see if you had as much fun watching it.
  • We do not excuse sexism. If it happens to a character, tell us how the character dealt with it or overcame it, not how bad the character is for being a girl now. We can also celebrate women without bashing or excluding men.
  • Gender differences should be in details, never basic competence. Amelia wants to dress cute and Adam doesn’t, but they’re both powerful, brave, and compassionate main characters.

What’s different from Menagerie Prime?

  • Most Modern Generation supers in the “Menagerie Prime” universe are gender-flipped in the Pidgeverse
  • Exceptions include actual aliens (e.g. “Bob”), agender or NB characters (e.g. Agent 1337), or other characters where a gender flip wouldn’t be appropriate
  • Silver and Bronze Generation characters are flipped when they are the dominant force in a character’s life, e.g. Jason and Leo’s fathers become Medea and Leah’s mothers
  • The reason for the flip might have an in-universe explanation (e.g. a quirk of super-genetics, manipulation by a time or dimension traveler) or simply be a feature of a multiverse
  • Identity, sexuality, and other defining traits stay intact wherever possible - if flipping the character would hurt their self or core story, don’t do it
  • Social dynamics and backstory can be changed where appropriate and interesting, e.g. Leah Snow built twin motorcycle robots named Ai and Yu, there’s no single Otto equivalent
  • Non-super characters in relationships are flipped to preserve the relationship for story reasons, e.g. a female TK has a girlfriend based on Evan, Sunny is dating a girl named Calla Jones
  • Some other mundane/civilian characters can be flipped if interesting, or kept the same (e.g. we don’t know whether Nono is male)

Some links:

You clearly gave this more thought than I did. :slight_smile:

For me, the Pidgeverse is of interest because …

… of the chance to see how the gender flipping does/doesn’t affect the characters (esp. where the surface expectation might be that there’s a difference and the reality is, well, why should that make a difference).

… of the opportunity for other little tweaks – Jason vs Medea’s experiences as a cartoon star.

… of my love for these characters and enjoying seeing them in a different form, but not too different (which was probably more the genesis of my comment) – akin, perhaps, to a new writer coming onto a comic title (esp. a comic title that’s been in hiatus), poking at origin stories, adding new twists, tweaking the personalities.

As to why the Pidgeverse is the way it is, vs. some other way … well, somewhere that universe exists, with those combinations, so why not? At some point, advanced dimensional physics is indistinguishable from writer-convenient magic.

As I said, there are universes where all the characters are all boys, or all girls, or where everything has a weird Tolkienesque overlay, or anthropomorphics, or set in the Marvel Universe, or the DC Universe, or (nods to Jason) the H-B universe, or survivors of / rebels against an alien invasion [insert the other new rule book scenarios here], or '10s Voltron vs '80s Voltron, or … well, the cool thing about the imagination is there’s any number of themes and variations and elseworlds, huzzah. I’d probably be interested in seeing most of those happen, for the reasons above.

I’ve enjoyed the Pidgeverse, rule-set or no, as well as the unexpected cross-over. So thank you for that, sir.

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About 80% of my text amounted to “don’t be a sexist douchebag” and the other 20% was “here is my line for who flips and who doesn’t”, it’s not too complicated :). Some of this was just me practicing how to write shared universe guidelines.

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Alistair and Medea: