Playbook picks

A thread for people to express a preference

So looking through the book and I only see the 9 base game playbooks. Am I missing a link? Please sir may I have some playbooks? (No worries if folks don’t have the expansions I was just wondering if they were lurking somewhere I didn’t see)

Links up on the Thursday Game Discord. For the extra playbooks, check the Playbooks folder for the T&O Playbooks PDF.

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So throwing this out there. I’m currently looking at either a Ronin or a Seeker. I don’t have anything set in stone for either of them though so if someone had their heart set on one go ahead.

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Dave sez:

Alrighty, I’ve figured out three different possible characters, each with a couple of playbook variants they could be done with. :laughing: Guess I’m set for tomorrow.

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Some initial options:

Raccoon Thief / Vagrant-Glutton. A pleasant, rather chubby (but unexpectedly dextrous) trash panda, with a remarkable ability to sneak into places to abscond with valuables, documents, and/or (esp.) food.

Fox Champion / Arbiter-Defender / Raider-Champion. The Robin Hood / (sort of on the nose) Zorro type. Protecting the innocent, tweaking the noses of the powerful, far too impulsive but good enough to (usually) get away with it.

Magpie Vagrant / Raconteur. Charming, vain, always interested in shiny things and demonstrating their ability to get others to provide them.


The Raider, Ranger, Pirate, and Tinker all look good to me. I’ve got ideas I can plug into any of those playbooks easily enough, but as usual I can fill niches left behind once others pick their stuff.


I’m looking at a squirrel with anger management issues. Probably Scoundrel, but I’ve only looked at the core playbooks.


Raider might also work for you.