Prime Shards of the Concordance

The Concordance theoretically recognizes several Virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Honor, Justice, and Sacrifice.

To assist Agents in performing their duties, they are equipped with “Shards”. These are artificial constructs endowed with a level of intelligence. In the same way a person steers a car, but with affordances such as automatic transmission, anti-lock brakes, and traction control, it is the Agent’s power to wield, but the Shard can help, or even take over.

Concordance Coordinators are able to equip multiple Shards, and have first pick of the best and oldest Shards. This gives them considerable power, effectiveness, and insight.

But “shard” implies a part of some greater whole. What is that thing?

There are Prime Shards, that are self-sufficient manifestations of a Virtue. They are akin to gods, cosmic forces, or other transcendent and ineffable entities. They can take action on their own, but more often empower people to act on their behalf.

So far, the only Prime Shard that’s been identified is Excalibur, the Prime Shard of Honor.

That means there may be five others…

And what about Humility?

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