I didn’t take recap notes last night, largely because I thought it would be a one-shot (ever the optimistic fool that I am). I do hope we get a chance for a wrap-up session.

It was less a chronicle of events and more conclusion about the game itself. I feel like the system is less “Push” and maybe more Stephen King with some Dark City plot beats, basically.

Yeah, but still notes. :slight_smile:

The system seems very much designed for, yes, a one-off. I think we (and I know this will shock you) overthought the RP and setting detail, thus it became a two-off.

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On that thought, two hours is hard to get an entire game in (there’s a reason most of the gaming cons I go to schedule 4 hour blocks for games) but we also do what you described all the time.

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I feel like the recent City of Mist and Genesys stuff got done in a reasonable amount of time? Or am I remembering wrong?

Those have also been on Saturdays where we had 4 hours to dedicate to the game.

I know we had four hours, but it felt like more happened in the same amount of time, and the thing I was wondering was: if so, is that because more people at the table were familiar with the system? I wasn’t sure how Psi*Run would play, but also how I ought to play it (in terms of tone, expectations, etc.), and I’m wondering if more people knowing the other games (from past play etc.) made them go faster.

For example, I’d enjoy trying Psi*Run again, just generally, but also to see if that’s true.