Quick equipment creation guide

Equipment value is an arbitrary measure of power, usefulness, or whatever. Your playbook gives you a total value budget you start with.

You should have a main weapon that’s worth about 5-6 value. Build it like this:

  • Spend 1 value to add a tag for 1 weapon skill you have
  • Optionally, spend 1 value to add a special weapon feature (e.g. Quick)
  • Optionally, reduce value by 1 for a negative tag (e.g. Weighty)
  • Spend the rest of your value budget on Wear

You want either armor, a shield, or a tool after that. Spend your remaining value building those.

Example: I want a crossbow. It’s got one weapon skill tag (trick shot) because my character started with that skill. I spend 1 value to buy Iron Bolts, a special quality that increases damage. I spend 4 more value to buy Wear 4. The total value is 6 and total load is 1.

The special weapon features tend to fall into one of these groups:

  • More damage under some circumstances (e.g. against armored targets)
  • Use a weapon skill tag you don’t have, but at a cost
  • Use a different stat to make your attack

Everything has a Load of 1 unless you take the Weighty negative tag.

The sword-cane

Tomo has to infiltrate a secure location, and needs a weapon that won’t give them away. The weapon they come up with is built like this:

  • The Unassuming tag to let it blend in
  • The Eaglecraft tag to deal extra damage
  • The Blindside weapon skill tag
  • The Shoddy tag, making it more difficult to repair
  • Two points of Wear

The result is a sword-cane, a sharp blade inside a mundane-seeming walking stick. It’s fragile and isn’t intended to be used very often, but that’s okay. It has a total value of 4 (2 positive tags + 1 weapon skill tag + 2 wear - 1 negative tag). It would cost 5 value in materials to make ordinarily, but Cid’s Toolbox move can be used as well.


Slayer wants a device that can fire bombs to blow stuff up! The resulting weapon is built like this:

  • The Mighty tag to make it better at wrecking stuff!
  • The Quick Shot weapon skill tag
  • The Bulky tag, because it’s big and unwieldy
  • The Wicked tag, because it’s got spikes and pipes and other scary stuff on it!
  • Three points of Wear

The result is a mini-grenade launcher that, like its namesake, spreads seeds on the wind that blossom into destruction. It has a total value of 3.

A couple options for folks:

Alvin starts with 6 value, and has the Parry weapon skill. Based what I know of Alvin so far, I think the Dagger Dave selected is fine, though the Rapier (T&O pg. 86, value 6) might also be a good starting point for a weapon for him as well. Alternatively, a Brace of Throwing Daggers might also be fun.

Brace of Throwing Daggers (3 wear)
Value: 5 | Load: 0 | Range: Close, Intimate
Weapon Skill Tags: Parry, Trick Shot
[+] Hidden: Mark exhaustion when being searched or examined to ensure this item goes unnoticed. Mark wear to attempt the Blindside roguish feat if you don’t have it, or to take a 10+ to Blindside if you do have it.
[-] Incriminating: When any significant individual member of the faction offended by this item first sees you bearing it, mark notoriety with that faction.
[-] Fragile: When you make a weapon move with this weapon, mark wear on it. Mark exhaustion to ignore this effect.

Tomo starts with 11 value, and has both the Improvise and Storm a Group weapon skills.

Twin Swords (3 wear)
Value: 5 | Load: 1 | Range: Close
Weapon Skill Tags: Storm a Group
[+] Impressive: When you storm a group wielding this item, mark wear to inflict 2-morale harm on them, in addition to the consequences of your roll.

Armor from a Far Away Land (3 wear)
Value: 3 | Load: 2
[+] Reinforced: While wearing this armor, you may absorb injury as exhaustion 1-for-1 instead of absorbing it as wear.
[-] Weighty: This item counts as 1 additional load.

Koto (2 wear)
Value: 3 | Load: 1
Inspiring: When you use this item to help another vagabond, you can mark wear instead of exhaustion.

Slayer starts with 8 value, and has the Quick Shot weapon skill. A short bow (pg. 192, 6 value) may be perfect for Slayer. With their remaining value, they could pick up some robes (pg. 192, 2 value) to have a bit of armor and be a bit less noticeable, or they could pick up Corvid Explosives (T&O pg. 89, 2 value).

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While as fun as this sounds, I don’t know if a grenade launcher is wholly appropriate for a setting where the saw mill is a recent invention.

It was a goofy comedy option, sorry

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And I took it as such, I just wanted to make sure to level set folks expectations.

Had a funny thought, so here’s a joke option for Slayer:

Bag of Rocks (3 wear)
Value: 2 | Load: 2 | Range: Far
[+] Common: When repairing this item, you can repair twice as much wear for the same Value
[+] Inspiring: When you use this item to help another vagabond, you can mark wear instead of exhaustion.
[-] Bulky: This weapon cannot be hidden and is always visible while on your body. Mark exhaustion whenever you attempt a roguish feat or trust fate to sneak, hide, blindside, or perform an act of acrobatics.
[-] Conspicuous: When you target a vulnerable foe at far range, you cannot keep your position hidden, even on a 10+. Mark wear to ignore this effect.
[-] Weighty: This item counts as 1 additional Load.

Help allies by throwing rocks at their enemies to distract them during combat. But also be weighed down because you’re carrying around a sack full of palm-sized rocks.

I’ll ponder this. I didn’t check out the T&O book for gear examples; a rapier might be more fun, and certainly has more Wear than a dagger; I keep thinking that a dagger is less in the way than a rapier, but since the latter doesn’t have any particular negative tags, I guess not?

The brace of throwing daggers is cool – though I’d probably spend an extra value to make them Quick (since Might is not my forté), and I’m struggling to think of how one would parry with a throwing knife :stuck_out_tongue: But something to look at when I get more Value in my pocket, along with some light armor, I suppose, or else a bow.

We need a starter heist. :slight_smile: :wink:

My thought with this is most of the time you’d be throwing them (using Target Someone which is already a Finesse roll) instead of using them in melee (using Engage in Melee) but probably not a bad idea to have it as an option.

Not going to lie, my perception of throwing daggers has probably been compromised by rule of cool.

(From Ben Fleuter’s comic Sword Interval)

Like I don’t already have one in mind. :wink:

Well yeah, you could do it that way. :crazy_face:

Here’s a quick Google Sheet for making gear, because I can’t sleep. You can make a copy of this yourself if you want.