It’s not pretty by any means, but I’ve gotten a basically working character sheet together in Roll20

It handles… most things.

I haven’t set up a way to highlight entanglements, and the ‘block’ checkbox on elements doesn’t actually DO anything; it’s just a reminder.

It’s buggy. Actually moving the moves makes all but one disappear so… we should not do that.

In any case. I’ll finish setting up blanks and add a link here.

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This should link to the Roll20 game.

Had issues with the link. If anyone else does, try using this instead:

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Yeah it’s weird how it showed up and rerouted. Thanks, Mike.

BTW Mike: if you’re on a discord server or something that has HoW players and want to use Roll20, I can share out the code people can use for a ‘custom’ character sheet setup.

I might have to re-learn how to push this to the repository for roll20 on github. I haven’t touched that in (checks log) 3 years.

The link worked fine for me.

Cool, thanks for this. The spreadsheet is awesome, but the Roll20 rolling will be a bit easier then bopping over to Discord, I think. Ditto potentially for some visual aids.

For myself, I know I’m a visual player. While I don’t expect this to be a highly tactical game, I sometimes find it helpful to be able to cluster tokens together while conversing or to help remember who’s where. So potentially that’s easier, aside from this character sheet not having tokens associated with it. :slight_smile: We can still drag out our pictures to the playing surface, if necessary.

I would also volunteer to generate journal entries for the NPCs, etc., but there’s apparently not an easy way to do that for non-GMs in a campaign. :disappointed:

I will make some tokens based off your pictures to associate with the character sheets. Shouldn’t be a problem

I sent you some (as an email attachment) I crafted based on the character pictures. I will add them here, too, in case that’s easier.
bao token Peng Lan token shu token sun token Zemin token

The token rings are colored based on the player’s elemental affinity in combat.


All set!

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