Selling the 3C - Video Project

I’m doing a short video (targeting a 2-minute runtime) that would advertise the 3C organization. This might be a television ad, a grant proposal, or something else. Right now I know it’s at least going to include:

  • some shots of the asteroid ship
  • an animation of the stargate in action
  • a voiceover (by me)

My question to you folks is: what should I include, and maybe what short snippets of narration would you like included? Help me write this thing.

Planning document is here: 3C Video Project - Google Docs

My immediate thought, just to get some trope inspiration for a grant application, is Carol Marcus’ Genesis Project proposal in Star Trek 2

(C’mon, Bill, that’s 1982 computer tech, it should be a piece of cake.)

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The outline looked thorough. I think the first question is: what’s the purpose here?

  1. Grant application
  • Looking for government support/permission? Looking for institutional support? Or looking for donations and private funding?
  • Language is more formal, feel is more intellectual/professional: here’s what we do, here’s why it’s to your benefit or to the benefit of a cause you believe in (solving the problem of overcrowding, providing new / expanded / recovered fields for commercial / ideological expansion / domination)
    • This may be separate from the CCC’s motivation. But we are already sold on the concept.
    • The CCC would not (IMO, or to my knowledge as a PC) push anything reprehensible (“You’re looking for new worlds to conquer; we find them”), but might advertently or inadvertently raise the possibility.
  • Executive summary, the problem we (you) face, what the CCC does, how it solves the problem, what we’d like from you, summary again.
  1. Plea for Donations
  • Variant of the above, with more pulling on the heartstrings. Targeted at people (hopefully people with excess income or excess sentiment), more than institutions.
  • Language/visuals are emotional. Dramatic overviews, but also personal losses / problems / potential. Possibly voiced by a celebrity past their prime.
    • The wonders of the beforetimes, starships plying the galaxy, prosperity, joy.
    • The losses during the Shutdown event – families sundered, worlds lost, displacement and disease and conflict.
    • The ongoing problems – stifled innovation and progress, overcrowding and economic depression, longing for the better worlds out there.
    • But now, there’s the CCC …
    • For just X credits a month, you can help fund brave explorers finding ways to connect the cosmos again, one world at a time, bringing hope to little Suzie’s dream of escaping the slums of Touchdown and going to the same university world her great, great, great grandmother went to …
  • Wonders, losses, problems, CCC, emotional heart tug, final voice-over ("… donate today, and you’ll get a CCC tote bag …")
  1. Recruitment Ad
  • Looking for new members
  • Language is more exciting, appeal to emotion and emotional motivation. Here’s what we do, and here’s why you should join us doing it!
    • Might be separate ads for different target audiences. Or, for simplicity’s sake, again, playing on different options (see something new! discover the unknown! fun! profit! inspiration! getting away from the situation you are in (oppressed by family, restrained by spouse, pursued by the police/mob).
    • Again, the CCC is probably not going to recruit criminals per se, if only because who wants to space with them. But offering the CCC experience as an escape (from whatever) is perfectly natural.
  • Visual / auditory attraction, pithy motto (“JOIN THE CCC! SEE THE WORLDS … AGAIN!”), info-light summary of history, what we do and how incredibly cool it is, discussion of what sort of folk we need (engineers, pilots/navigators, diplomats/gunslingers, the best and bravest and, obviously, YOU!), more exciting visuals, motto!
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That is my question to the players as a whole :smiley:

I’ve already offered an example of a grant submission. I decline to post what I’m thinking of as donation video (a combo of Sally Struthers weeping over 3rd World Children and those endless donation videos for animal shelters – there is great pain out there, but those have alway struck me as over the top).

For recruitment videos, there’s, of course, this classic:

Other inspirations:

“We’re looking for healthy, adventurous spacers aged 17-47 … experienced spacers have guaranteed berths … apprenticeships available … click the button at the bottom of your screen if you Want To Know More, or directly link to @customhouse/607 for more information …”

I’ve been looking for some non-janky assets to use. Here’s the compromise I found for the asteroid base:

I’ll be adding structure (command center, docking bay, engines, etc.) and greeble to it soon.