Session 01 - The Seed Silo Caper, Part 1

The Setup

Sundew Bend

Marquise invaded, built a fort. Fort burned down – and much of the town.
When the Denizens came back, found the Lizard Folk at moved in with garden farms. And a Riverfolk outpost.
So Denizens are out on the ramshackle fringes of the clearing.
Lizard Folk have taken the seed vault under the tree stump for their gardens. Part of a tunnel s

Tasha - job.

  1. Steal back the seeds so Denizens can farm themselves and not be stuck buying expensive crops from Lizard Folk (or the Traders)
  2. Burn the rest of the seeds.

The Guards

We find the old stump in the old clearing ruins. But guarded by a pair of badgers.

Cid uses a noisemaker to distract the guards. -1 Depl
Cid tries to trick the NPCs, but Misses.

Alvin tumbles past the badgers before one can go for reinforcements. He parries their attacks, keeping their attention.

Tomo tries to Blindside them, but would have missed as Alvin maneuvered – but Cid helps, tossing a second noisemaker, separating them. Tomo’s swing is solid, injuring, but danger! Kick to the gut, and coming after him.
Tomo fights! He inflicts serious harm with his hit, taking the badger down.

Slayer wants to throw some rocks in a quick shot. Whack! Full hit!

Alvin tries to trick the badger, but fails, and he grabs Alvin and slams him against the tree.
Cid - engages in melee but misses. Alvin is not pinned, but has been injured.
Slayer - it’s the enraged squirrel Trust Fate Frenzy. The guy falls back, on the ground. “Get him off me! Get him off me!”

Cid stabilizes the bleeding badger.

No door.
Tie up the badgers, bring in.

Casing the Joint

Alvin disappears into the darkness, down a winding path into the root system, ending up in a larger cavern. Plentiful seeds in piles on the ground. Also there are guards in here, too – much more leisurely. Fail a read a tense situation … attention being drawn to one person. “All right, get all the piles together, need to load them up for the warehouse.”

And as Alvin tells the team, can hear wheelbarrows approaching.

Cid goes to check out the workers approaching. He reads the tense situation.
Be on the lookout for … half-dozen laborers. Guard with a hauberk with a scarf of the initiates, with a spear. Definite lieut.
Best way to get seeds out … guile will be safer.
The workers are the most vulnerable … path of least resistance.
… sharing the info, esp. Tomo.

Hide inside and blindside Silverpelt!

Silverpelt slows down. Something’s wrong. And the workers have to pass by first.

The Lieut

Slayer is going to spook the workers. FROTHING AT THE MOUTH. “The monster! The monster got them all!” A hit, trusting fate!
They all panic! Some running back! Drop wheelbarrows! Cid helps, reflecting metal!
Silverpelt is hampered by the crowd coming past her.
We follow the workers and are on top of her.

Cid - Cleave! 3 wear! Spear broken, shield splintered, having to go for their dagger.
Tomo up next – engage in melee! Full! Hit! Kick! Swing!

Alvin comes up to parry as she reaches for something – morale harm, cut her belt, dropping a wooden horn from reach.

She’s ready to surrender.

Alvin really wants her scarf. She really doesn’t want to give it up.

Slayer wants to blow things up.


(Not sure why I did Session 2 as a reply here, but … well, it’s not any more.)