Session 06 - Forge and Forgery, Part 4

Last Time!

Had met with Merial and the worker mice from the iron mine, who gave some info on the governor’s mansion.

Slayer, Cid, Allie went on a boat ride, got some info on the mansion. Crack in a side wall.

Cid and Tomo have +1 forward to enter the governor’s mansion.

What to do, what to do?

Sneak in? Or be masonry repair? Or a diversion?


  1. Sigil / letter of marque.
  2. Ayase
  3. Loot!

Go in quietly … so make the small crack a bigger concern.
Cover of night. Make it worse so we show up in the morning. But natural-looking.
Slayer … going alone.
Sneak ==> 7.
Exhausted. But at the wall, clear way to the crack.
Wreck Something ==> 7. Collateral damage.
Another Roguish Feat ==> 7. Scrutiny … some evidence left behind that it was not all natural.
Merial will let us know if there’s a problem.

Cid doing some crafting work.
Tomo is doing the note.

Sleep overnight - one less exhaustion box.

In the Morning

Worker mice - got the call! Heading over!
Dress as workers. Crew is mostly Merial’s people.
Guards: “This stuff fell over last night. Fix it. Needs to be done by tonight.” (Doable)
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Tomo in a wheelbarrow.
Alvin will Hide Tomo ==> 7. (2 hits of Depletion)

Inside the garden wall.
Cid - Reading a Tense Situation ==> 8 … Servants’ Quarters.
Get away from the guards … Bullshit about plants, need to dessicate the soil, landscaping impact, need to get a lot of water
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(“Oh, from well”)
Trick an NPC ==> 10!
The two guards utterly believe.
Take over to the well by the kitchen.

Into the Kitchen.
Very big, but very crowded and constraining. Large, but cluttered, filled with people.

Through the servants hall, to the servants quarters. People always seem to be nearby. Walk purposefully. Right up to the guards … (all 3 of them). Kind of off-duty. Bullshit the guards …
“Only one unit has caught fire since we started shipping.”

Try to trick them to leave.
Trick an NPC ==> 8 … Slayer talks about Explosions for Help +2 ==> 10

Stairs … a locked door.
Alvin - Picking locks ==> 13!!

Cid is getting water.
Tomo gets out of the wheelbarrow.

Very tight room with the biggest iron-shod door ever seen.

Alvin - pick the large lock. ==> 12!

Door opens very balanced.
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Each 1 Load unless noted otherwise.

  • Money. So much of it. (2 Load for 4 Value bag of gold, take as many as you want/can carry) – x2 for Slayer, x1 for Alvin
  • A crown! (Attention Grabbing, 5 Value) – Alvin
  • A fancy Rabbitfolk steel sword (Mousefolk Short Sword from pg. 191 w/ Sharp tag) – Cid? (wheelbarrow)
  • A silver-plated violin (Masterwork Instrument from T&O, pg. 90)
  • A weird helmet, looks funny – Tomo’s Master’s old helm, taken by Ayase. – Tomo
  • Libelous Documents (hurt the Marquisate, help the Woodland Alliance) – Documents

Wheelbarrow = 4 Load – Sword, 2.5 bags of money

Alvin has his attention grabbed by the crown. (1 Load)
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On to the Next Objective

Heading out, main hall to get to stairs, but … guards. “Can’t go this way.”

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Grandiose dining hall.
Slayer wants to carve initials on the dining hall.
Cid: Allie. Plead.
Cover Story about stoats and the mice kids.

Guards have gone back. Looking into Entrance Hall.
Servants in tidy uniforms.
Cid, looking for clothing: Read Tense Sitch ==> 9.
Park the wheelbarrow outside the Servants Quarters.

Alvin - Kleptomaniac! - clear Exhaustion.

Up the stairs.

Guards at a door. Along with a bird. We walk on by.

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Room we think where the sigil will be – master bedroom. Nobody pays attention.
Except when Tomo shows up:
Trick ==> 6! + Alvin Helps “Mistress, where did you want these things?” ==> 7. They will not question, as long as don’t stick around.

Fancy room. With a fancy cat-lady, reading a book.

“Mistress, where shall we put the linens?”
“Wherever they go.”

Grab her! Slayer rolls with Luck ==> 12!

Look for the Sigil or Letter of Marquis.

Cid … get the guard’s attention, get Tomo wandering past?

Check the office: it’s an office, papers and books, and a finely appointed desk, and standing over it and rummaging through is a frog.
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Cid - in progress.
Slayer - in progress.
Tomo - in progress.
Alvin - in progress.

Choose an element to update or change.

(Alvin … replace “Professional” relationship with Cid?)