Session 10 - Dam and Blast, Part 3

The Sitch

Scattered across the tower, pursuing stuff general chaos …


Cid - grab stuff, but we need to get out, collapse the tower.

Small mouse downstairs, Capt. Wolsey. What’s going on here? Not following regulations! Team A, here; Team B, clear the basement. Small and in charge.

Tomo: Thank goodness I found you! Governor wants everyone outside, he needs your help!
Mouse: I just came from the governor.

Tries to trick: Miss!

Captain figures out Tomo’s identity, kinda – that ally of the Marquisate!

Slayer is into the armory. Wants to make a new exit and blow everything first.
Wreck a hole: Full Hit!

Cid leading the prisoners to the first floor from the flood. Guards coming down onto Tomo. Give the incriminating evidence (libelous documents!) to Capt. Mouse, to buy some time. An actual scheme and here’s the receipt.
Trick an NPC: ==> 8.
Stumble – very distracted for a few moments.

Tomo, let’s go.

Slayer: always an intent to create a second exit through the armor, and told them in the flashback. (Exhaustion)
Leading prisoners (and Tomo) into armory. Lock the door behind. Answers questions through the door.

Meanwhile, upstairs …

Alvin … look for someone panicking. Read a Tense Sitch ==> Full Hit!
Where’s the money? In the safe in the comptroller’s office.
Are the guards in place? Biggest threat. Only thing will be the comptroller, and he takes the money.

Go to the office. They are putting together documents.
Password to evacuate.
Offer to help them carry stuff.
Trick and NPC ==> 9 + 1
Fill out these forms. Oh, no, creaking things!
Scribble forms.
Gives Alvin a bag. 3 load worth of money.
Must stay in eyesight.
Grab some paperwork.
Bunch of guards banging on the armory door.
Trick/fall/sneak away ==> 11 Full Hit!
Fall into the water.


Everyone is evacuating the armory. Cid is answering questions throught he door to the last moment, legitimating the docs.
Tomo exiting.
Once prisoners out. Slayer goes boom.

Wreck Something ==> 12! Full Hit! Armory is in tatters. And that will weaken the Aerie’s control over the clearing.

The Rendezvous

Back to the city. Get the one person back to Harlowe’s. Some go off, some come with.

  • Primrose the Muskrat - Actual thief.
  • Ella the Robin - part of the govt, objected to the way the Aerie treated locals.
  • Charles the Beaver - thought were River Folk snooping around the dam, but actually a Woodland Alliance person … snooping around the dam.

  • Paige the Cat (in the Hood) - Not a member of the Marquisate, just a cat, arrested for spying.
  • Gill the Lizard, arrested on suspicion of being a cold-blooded something.

All political prisoners.

Connect up with Alvin at rendezvous.

Harlowe is very happy.
So … explosives?
And some coin. Refill 3 depletion

We didn’t destroy the dam, but we gave him some benefit.

Slayer - blew shit up.
Tomo did cover allies flight.
Alvin - selfish steal, and believable veneer.

Usual suspects will be questioned. Time to leave.

Beached Riverfolk Barge.
Let’s go camp out there.
And we will pick up there!

End of Game

Alvin – Clean Paws, Freedom – 2 adv!

Cid – not quite ready for Time Passes to keep ward safe.
… 3 Notoriety with Marquisate. 3 Prestige with Aerie.
… “I took a +1 Cunning move from another playbook so am now at Cunning 3. I feel like I’ve been playing Cid appropriately for that :smile:

Slayer – Anti-Militarist! But not toppling.
Tomo – nope, this time.
… 3 Notoriety with Marquisate. 3 Prestige with Aerie.

(Cid?? and) Tomo are now -1 with Marquisate. Feared and Hated! Now can Draw Attention and Make a Pointed Threat.