Session 10 - Ticking Off the Boxes

Last time …

Cortex failed a vow.
Bleys got handed a slab of twitching skate meat.


Nails had wanted info from the data nodes about local flora/fauna, esp. the skates.
Gather Info (Wits) (at +1) ==> Weak Hit. New insight, but a complication. The existing info doesn’t seem too line up with what’s been observed. Something has changed with the skates since the gates closed. They didn’t grow that big, and didn’t eat inorganics.

Locals have been scavenging meat and metals, but are worried because it’s still moving. Dozen folk milling in and around the crater. Nails is going to investigate.

Cortex - wants to find out what other ships, taking the shuttle. Bleys will accompany. Nails is okay with that.
If we go to the ship, can free up some med supplies. Also … equipment on studying the dead skate (tools? using med skills), the meteor (geological survey tool).

Nails - Supply roll ==> Weak Hit. Have it, but … -2 Mo or -1 Supply.
All help yoink stuff off shuttle as needed.

Up to the Ship

Fly up to the ship.

Cortex is concerned over commitments we’re giving to this world, vs Astrid’s capability … help, med supplies, etc. Astrid’s in trouble. We need to bring something of value from Faros.

  1. Start checking out sensors on the ship – any kind of traffic. Working with Algo and shop sensors … Bleys ==> Strong Hit! Advantage +2 Mo and +1 roll to Cortex ==> Miss +Mo ==> Weak Hit.
    Any ships? Habitats? Rich asteroids?
  • First scanner hits … mineral-dense asteroids, sure. Some with a lot of frozen water.
  • One anomalous, large reading. A large spacecraft. A few hundred years older than the Shutdown. Larger than the Wayfinder, by a little bit. Habitat ship. However, it seems to be completely inactive. No status available. It’s also drifting toward the sun.
    And in a week, it will be close enough that ALGO says it will be not healthy.
  • Also … another reading, Bleys picks out. Space is empty, but it’s never fully empty. There’s never a big gap of nothing. Except … right there, on the fringe of the solar system, past the gates.

Build a repulsor shield … on the Wayfinder?

  1. Algo go through records of colony – anything in space?

  2. Watching / observing the meteor satellite.

Keeping Faith

Earl … is down on the planet, and needs to talk with Faith. And tech stuff in Mariposa.
Earl - has helped with stuff for researching the skate.
Faith wanders by.
Earl explains the setup. Also, we have some stuff from the shuttle for you.
First crate, little banged up … Navarin … got some databases, learned some history, want to catch you up on that. So set this up on this building, you can get access, too. Anything they know, you’ll know.
Thought maybe a bit more interested in this. (The real good hooch.) Peace offering. And when it runs out, we managed to filter out some really mediocre stuff, too.

Heart ==> Weak Hit, +1 next roll OR +2 Mo.
Heart to make a connection ==> Miss + Mo ==> Strong Hit!
Making peace with Faith. Faith takes the shot glass, takes the shot, hands it back. “Not bad.”

Get the crate moved.
Formidable Connection with Faith.

Ticks on Bonds --> 2 XP!

Get Nails to assist setting up the dish. Give Advantage (Iron) ==> +1 and +1 on Face Danger (Wits) ==> OPPORTUNITY!

The exercise has also located a building that has … power!

  • score + relationship with Navarin/Mariposa
  • score + relationship with Faith

Nails, vow for Mariposa finding their place in the Planetary Triumvirate ==> Weak Hit! Take it at Troublesome, to clear it off.
Also, completing a quest in service to Faith. Third tick.

Comm Link!

All communicate together.

  • Learn about progress on the surface.
  • Learn about the habitat ship spiraling into the sun, and Cortex’ plan.

Coming down with the ship.

Nails, gathering information.
Earl assists, from his background poking at weird critters, Secure Advantage (Expertise) ==> Weak Hit. +2 Mo
Elijah assists
+2 Mo, Nails … Weak Hit. +1 Mo.

  • Skate meat is non-toxic and can be consumed safely.
  • Earl hands her a note. It’s not regenerating, it’s budding. Which also indicates someone has been dicking with their genetics at some point.
    Tick on biology of the landscape.

Hmmmm. Maybe that research lab down in the vault?

Bleys - Med Supplies … ==> Strong Hit … tick on that vow.


Earl - Reach out to ALGO … move the ship to a synchronous orbit overhead. --> Add Overseer the ability to pilot the vehicle independently. Also, helps rediscover himself.

Next Time!

  • Research lab in Mariposa (via Algo?) [any med gear?]
  • Shackleton cleanup
  • SPACE!

And Bleys and Cortex land to pick folks up.