Session 12 - Down by the Old ... Mill ... Town

Down in yon forest

First, a bit of foraging and a good night’s sleep.

Travel through the forest!
Do some healing but getting depletion back.
Cid roll ==> 10!
Transit is safe, spot something interesting → snake path!
We recognize because that’s what caused the runaway wagon several episodes ago!

You can always go … Milltown …

Highlights on the town brochure:

  1. Massive roost for Aerie.
  2. Massive grainery tower. Brand new!
  3. And, of course, a mill!

Eyrie controlled. River Folk influence. Mostly mice.

We arrive.

We have coin. A lot of coin. Looking for a good bed and meal!

  1. Riverfolk Company - a small inn by the docks.
  2. The Roost has room for important visitors.
  3. Cid could ingratiate himself and find us a place to stay.

Pretty good standard of living here. Built around the farming community, and things built around periphery.

Hmmmm. An old rat (“Old Gullyrat”) whose fence needs mending. Cid offers to help, with Tomo.

Slayer – looking Corvids and Woodland Alliance.
… WA tried moving, and got quashed. And Corvids.
… check out the bad side of town. Rowdy. But maybe nobody trusts Slayer.

Alvin – looking for where the locals eat and drink. They’re mostly pot luck.

Locals kind of giving Slayer and Alvin the cold shoulder.

Tuber stew! Yams!

Read a Tense Sitch ==> 8.
Best way in/through. Oh, probably some other Vagabonds have kind of ruined it for us.
Maybe … find the Head of the Grange. → an old, scraggly newt. They are Edda. Patchy scales, seen better days.
Reputation ==> 11!
Relationship to the Aerie and Riverfolk.
Edda came to clearing long ago to build up the Mill. More respect, as other powers moved in, made sure that the people of the farmland got their share.
Adversarial? Or cooperative?
It’s said the governor of the Roost is a buffoon, easily swayed, and has been influenced by Edda. The Riverfolk are … always ambitious.
They’ve heard something in Alvin’s favor (+1 forward).

Will only be cool as old Dain in the Roost Tower is still here.
Not leaving soon, cushy job, but Eyrie can be quick to change.
Riverfolk as wild cards.
Or Corvids … if they could flood the place.

Giant snakes … they are in fact an issue. Interfere with River Folk, interrupt grainery shipments.

Cid and Tomo

Give Allie (playing with Beetles) a call – Old Gully couldn’t fix the fence. Check with people – will fix things if they need, and for every hour helping neighbors, they should spend an hour helping Old Gully out.

Back Together

Buy some beetles from Old Gully as transport.

The bad vagabonds headed south into the woods.

Check the records here?
Anything about Tomo’s rival?
Might also learn about shifting politics?
So … sneaking into the Rookery? No, not here. Don’t rock the boat.

Resting up a few days.
Alvin pays for that Healer for Cid. 2V, -2 injury

Break down cudgels and armor … and restock apothecary’s kit.

Allie’s mission … Cid - Trusting Fate ==> 3!
Alvin helps (from reading tense sitch) +1
Slayer helping (with mechanics) +2
Tomo helps +1 (following Allie around just standing there, staring at the locals)

==> 7.

Allie learns some bad words – “no good so-and-sos …”


Next time …

We’re going to Tonnery to break into the roost there to gain information.

Cid - improving the town? Got it. And protected Allie last game.
Tomo - Got to a new clearing.
Nothing for Alvin or Slayer.


So you know how I said the next game would be December 1st? Well of course afterwards my work let me know I would need to work that evening. :frowning:

I can either try on a different day of the week (which I believe is historically bad for this group) or we can push things back a further week to December 8th.

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I could always use this opportunity to badger Dave into reading more fiction. But yeah my other evenings are pretty booked

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It’s that time of year. We’ll roll with it.