Session 13 - Get Thee to a Tonnery!, Part 2

We reconvene back in our log.

And then that’s when the goon squad kicks in the door – armored hawks with spears – Elite Goshawks!

Fortunately, Cid had planned for this. And warned us.


Cid - Allie is panicked to all hell, because these are the goons who took her parents.
Had some alchemical smoke bombs on the door. Allie gets to help – empowering!

Tomo - Formidable warriors! What tactics did the goshawks use that you’ll be prepared for next time.
They make quick movements, a twisting strike, signature technique, lets them evade sure hits. So need to anticipate that.

Slayer - Your exit from the log made the group no friends. Why will the goshawks respect the squirrel next time.
Tar pitch explosive, rigged up with smoke bombs. Also kind of makes for sorry disrepair of the log block.

Alvin - Quick thinking and keen senses got everyone safe. Where do you end up?
In the compost/trash heaps. Not only would the nice, spiffy goshawks never want to go in there, but, bonus, snacks!

Getting a forging operation going.
– an ornate seal being used. Need to steal or replicate.
Try to steal one at the Roost.
Alvin sneaking in.
Slayer standing guard down on the street.

Cid and Tomo (and Allie) off to do things. Watchers? Yeah. So … get a Watcher’s attention, lure away, and get the drop on them.
Over the fence ==> 10! Full Hit!
Light on 1st and top floors.
Sneak (B&E!) ==> 10+ full hit!
Pretty darned dark. Disappear into the Dark.
Eventually find one of the larger desks, records area … aha, a strongbox!
Bolted to the wall.
Pick the Lock ==> 12!! Full Hit!
Alvin finds:

  • Two seals!
  • A whistle.
  • LOTS OF KEYS. Labeled. The key to the records hall. The key to the holding cells. The key to the armory. The key to the Roost gate. The master key to the offices. The master key to the log.
    Hmmmmmmmm …

Tomo … getting the attention of a Watcher. “BIRDS GO HOME!” on the theater walls. Gets their attention – a small dove, and a raccoon. “Are you here to join the gloriouis battle against the tyranny of the birds?” They pull out a whistle, and blow.

Knocks out the raccoon, but dove is wailing on the whistle. Books out of there, with the raccoon. . Might ==> 7. (Exhaust)

Cid - Forgery (of this dude selling them out) ==> 10!

(Will have Alvin use the key to leave the letter, and some Marquisate money.)

Alvin -
Take two keys – offices, records hall
Snap off the armory key in the lock.
Take tags for armory key and the gate

Steal some candy off someone’s desk.

B&E skill, Acrobatics ==> 10+

Meet back at the compost heap. With new raccoon friend.

Alvin goes and does the thing.
Slayer goes along to actually do the Cover Up ==> Luck ==> 9!
Alvin Helps (leave candy wrappers) ==> 10!!

Fleeting Opportunity – corroborating witnesses (“Saw that raccoon watcher there … with a squirrel!”)
Cost – Slayer marks exhaustion for not blowing things up.

Next step – implicate Tomo as Ayase.

Casten the Raccoon.
Now need to figure out what to do with the Watcher prisoner.

  • Take us to the Shacks, or else
  • we’ll take you to the Snake.
    Slayer does the Persuade (with team “Helping”).
    ==> 13!!!

Yes, there are Shacks. But … they’re a labor camp.

Oh, and we are all people of interst in an Aerie investigation … so a tick of notoriety.

Drives check

Tomo - nada (already did Wanderlust last time)
Cid - Protected Allie from significant danger. → Cover-Up, Mastermind
Alvin - Clean Paws! —> Cover-Up, Sleight of Hand
Slayer - none today