Session 13 - Into the Derelict

RAMAMO - Roll and Miss and Move On

D&D d10

The Habitat Ship

It is, in fact, spiraling into the sun. It will, sooner than that, go through a solar flare real soon, and will likely take a lot of damage (esp. to data) before it comes back out.

Docking bay, in all its decrepit glory!

It looks like it’s been … partially stripped? Maybe when it was decommissioned?

Can we get the ship out?
And what’s salvageable.

Weak atmosphere. Zero gee.

Bleys - Face Danger with Sensor Array ==> Weak Hit, reroll high die, Strong Hit!
No hidden threats.

Bleys - Undertake an Expedition (using the Sensor Array to find a way through) …
… Nails will assist with breaking through doors or charting more covert paths) ==> Weak Hit, +1 forward.
Expedition ==> Strong Hit. Progress!

Life Support

Let’s explore … Explore a Waypoint.
Earl ==> Weak Hit.
Good news! Data cables, most likely connected to the Control Center.
Bad news! Some of the cables appear to be cut. Messaging cabling.

Investigating. Bleys prays for guidance ==> Miss, burn, Weak Hit.
Pop open a panel – which shoots off with amazing force, into helmet and chest, as a boobytrap. Disoriented. Enduring Harm, Health -2 ==> Strong Hit, reduce to -1 Health.

Nails realizes that this is not over. Because there’s a new breach. Earl is floating back toward the open panel, which might mean being sucked into space. Muscle him out of the way, applying a new vector. ==> Weak Hit. Enduring Stress for -1 Spirit. Endure ==> Weak Hit, pass.

Bleys sealing the hole. No problem.

So … sabotage and … booby traps?

Nails guns up. ==> Strong Hit. +4 Mo! +1 roll forward.

Nails takes the lead.
Bleys prays to Secure Advantage ==> Strong Hit
Nails Undertakes Expedition ==> Strong Hit.

Main Power

Amost all of the equipment is jury-rigged.
In emergency mode.

Earl Gathers Info via scavenging …
Nails supports ==> Strong Hit!
… ==> Miss


Earl pokes his head in panel … comes out, nope, found nothing, then Nails notes the smoke on his back, something corrosive dripped onto his pack. -1 Supply (temp).

Bleys takes point, head on the sensor scan …
Nails support ==> Weak. +2 Mo.
Undertake Ex ==> Miss! Bad feeling, Navigator, change to an alternate path. ==> Strong Hit.
Reach a Waypoint.

Med Bay

It looks like a family clinic.

Nails has a hinky feeling, though. Old blood spatters.

Earl … Gather Info
Bleys prays for Earl’s health. ==

Weak Hit
… Earl ==> Weak Hit … insight but complication. Again.
Get a clinic computer system going. Going through records. Clinic info. Stops when the Gate closes, more or less. Mutiny? But also start seeing things changing from normal medical treatment to … “Trial 317”. And at some point, those are the only records, injections, examinations.


Nails - Explore the Waypoint ==> COMPLICATION, Burn Mo => Strong Hit.

Did they explore the Forerunner ship? Did they bring something back? Were they looking for a way to survive the Gate closure?

No, let it be a COMPLICATION …


Confront Chaos!

Nails finds … a cooler. A stasis chamber. Wipe the window … and see the little injectors. For Trial 317. Get the wiggins.

Earl takes the stasis box.

Pray for Advantage ==> Weak Hit
Undertake Expedition ==> Strong Hit

Open a door, and … it’s a room of hazmat suits … a dozen medical pods (empty) …
Nails Explore a Waypoint …


… ==> Miss, burn Mo, ==> Strong Hit!
Still have power. Empty. And that’s when … hear something from behind … and where Pod 2 was empty, now there’s an amorphous ball of energy pounding on the inside walls of the chamber.

It’s pounding on the walls of the pod.
+Exploration Track!

Display thing of Mall Map.

We are in Isolation Chamber 2. Near the Barnes & Noble.

Investigating the amorphous ball of energy.

Nails secure an advantage with expertise ==> Strong Hit
Bleys gathers info ==> Weak Hit + Mo ==> Strong Hit.
After about 20 minutes of digging through records, tablet, jury-rigged cable, reading things off … yeah, this is a test subject for Trial 317. Someone recovered some DNA samples from the Forerunner vault in the nebula, brought it here, sat here for 20ish years, then things started going bad, and people started making bad choices, inject people to successfully bond … lots died, but the ones who didn’t now look like amorphous balls of energy.

Oh, yeah, the chamber isn’t restraining it, the magnetic field is.

Bleys … if this is/was a human, we should free it? Also, it may know things about when the Gates closed.

But, yeah, not right his moment.

Finding the Control Room

Nails assists with 1d10 ==> 4
Bleys concludes ==> Weak Hit, with Nails assist ==> Strong Hit!
Discovery track 2 ticks!

And we are at …

The Control Center

It’s the right spot. The door is labeled. And the emergency lighting is working.

As we go in, we can see the Habitat Area. It probably looked nice a century or two ago. A city park, apartments around it, hundreds of people. Now?

And we see some amorphous energy blobs.

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