Session 14 - Get Thee to a Tonnery!, Part 3

Last time …

Visited the Goshawks.
Hid in the trash pits.
Broke into the Roost.
Kidnapped a raccoon watcher.

There are Shacks … but … they are a Labor Camp.

Making Plans

Slayer - The smell. Basic sanitation would be easy, but wasn’t chosen on purpose.
Cid - A good supply of water … with a cage around it. In the open.
Alvin - Kids. Families with kids. Kids working.
Tomo - Built for birds. Infrastructure, towers, etc., built for folk with wings. Birds. Are. In. Charge.

Looking for …
Cid – ratio of guards to prisoners. What are the prisoners doing … what do the Eyrie get from it.
Slayer – oversight structure.

Clearing forest. Chopping trees. Open ground around the Shacks.
100 prisoners … 24ish guards.
An overall kommandant and then a guard captain.
About an hour from the main clearing.
A single central tree for the (verboten) Eyrie infrastructure – kommandant’s office, guard (all birds) barracks.
Some blind spots. Looking down, not up. Nothing considered underground.

Chain gangs.
Perimeter fence.

Set traps in the forest.
Attract toward traps and snakes.
Get a key. Free prisoners.

Figure out how to have the tree destroyed safely.
Hide prisoners.
Get them off toward Allaburrow (non-Eyrie controlled).

The Plan

Cid - rebuilding resources.
Slayer - traps in the forest.
Alvin - get a key
Tomo - tracking, spotting guard movements.

(Alvin - Allaburrow … his home, vagabond because being hunted by a powerful official, leaving behind his family.)

Clear 2 depletion spending a day in the forest.

Tracking guards … Finesse ==> 8 (Exhaustion)
Place where the guards go frequently.

Disappear into Shadows …

Trust Fate for Pickpocket ==> 6!
Tomo assists ==> 7!
Scrape by … scraped up!
We have a key!
But is it the right key?

Slayer … laying traps. Creating to Destroy. ==> 5!!
Need some additional stuff from the supply shack.
Finesse ==> 9.
Dig a burrow underneath.

Hole has damaged the fence.
Get everything needed … More Dangerous Than Intended. It will start a fire.

Tracking down snakes. ==> 8.
Gets back late and covered in filth.

Implicate the Marquisate? Leave some evidence that some of the guards are being paid by the Marquisate.
Cid - Cunning ==> 10!
Making Tomo (as Ayase) meeting with Caston the Raccoon Watcher.
Trick and NPC ==> 13 FULL HIT!!!

Cid - quick check-in with Allie

And so we get ready to dive into the actual mission …

For next time, the only things we didn’t mechanically account for:

  • making the tree come down in the right place and time
  • the coverup to actually implicate some guards as Marquisate allies

Stuff we’ve got going for us:

  • :white_check_mark: a noisemaker to give an impression of lots of people
  • :white_check_mark: traps along the escape route
  • :white_check_mark: the whistle, in case the guards get too close and we need to distract them
  • a key and lock picks, to free prisoners

Things I thought of too late:

  • a tarpit or big oil trap for birds to fall into on their way out of the tree
  • kidnapping a couple of guards who will be our patsies in the fake conspiracy
  • sending our raccoon watcher, and the guards, south as prisoners of our escapees to keep them out of the way for awhile