Session 17 - Get Thee to a Tonnery!, Part 6

Last Time

Slayer and Alvin had broken into the Roost to steal and plant info, and steal (but not plant) valuables.

Tomo led guards off on a wild goose chase … into a snake.

It Begins

We’re reading documents! Reading!

Goshawks are … up in the Roost? And Watchers? Roost is kind of locked up. Even the normal govt workers haven’t been coming and going.

Guards are trying to maintain order. But they seem directionless. And the Propaganda Theater does not not seem to be updating its stories. But getting weekly food delivery …

Get the Goshawks out? Question them?

Someone climb up and spy? Top of the roost is open … for birds to fly in and out … but the top is also decorated and ornate.

Question the food delivery people?
Pretend to be a new mob wanting to move in? (No, the Aerie has nationalized the food production.)

Forge some papers as emissaries of another Roost?

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We know …

  1. Tomo is Public Enemy Number One
  2. Someone will have to be the Lead Inspector.

Find a messenger and ambush. Stake out a roosting spot along the road. Cid and Tomo (and Allie). Slayer and Alvin will talk to food service folk.

Slayer and Alvin

Food is delivered from a general store / bakery (including foodstuffs from other providers). Customers use ration books.
Figuring stuff out about the place.

Alvin - Read a Tense Situation ==> 5!! While monitoring a wagon, some guards appear who are questioning some people in the area, and might end up questioning they see.
Slayer - walks toward the guards … does intercept them, “Hey, you! Squirrel! Where you coming from?”
Originally from Pine Horn, looking for work.
Oh, no … visitor pass? visiting worker pass? you should be in your living block! Guards getting more agitated and upset and aggressive.
Slayer bribes them with coffee. They want a nice one each – 3 depletion!

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Alvin sees they are not just loading stuff up, they are loading up more than the Roost could use … maybe hoarding out of panic? (No batteries!)

Fox foreman, two possums loading things.

Possible to slide under the cart and hide. Alvin is confident he could sneak in.
No dialog motive.

So … what to do?

Cid and Tomo

Planning and plotting.

Lay trap. Messenger comes down to land at rest stop. Tomo can attempt to capture (BlindSide)!
Tomo ==> 4!
Messengers are used to such tactics – drop off the side opposite … dragging Tomo.
… and Cid uses his bow to Blindside, and they are an easy target.
And Tomo then let them be pulled off the pole.

Drag the messenger out into the woods.

Alvin and Slayer

Follow the cart – Alvin Sneak ==> 11!
Admitted at front gate … by a pair of Goshawks.
Slayer assists
==> 10!!

Motivation, drive, etc. … they are feeling like they are large and in charge.
What do they see as the biggest threat? … definitely, not on the watch for these guys, but for the guards, a problem if guards were to learn … something.
(Hold the third question.)

Follow along one of the possums to their favorite watering hole.

Cid and Tomo

Satchel of mail.
Seal/sigil of … a different governor?
… permissions of Eyrie Council in Rooston – permanent deployment of Goshawks to Tonnery, reestablished as direct overseers under the control of the governor himself.

Other sealed letter … reminder from the Rooston Council, remember, your regular update is a bit late … a day late! 4 days will draw a remonstrating letter!

So … something to leak to the regular guards.
Oh, and rob the messenger to look like a robbery.

Alvin and Slayer

It’s the only legal watering hole. Only one drink, it’s a “fair” price.
We know what we need already
So go get with Cid and Tomo.

Trading Stories and Making Plans

20 Goshawks, but pretty small vs a town.

The Guard captain has been out and about. Get him information?

If only we knew the Governor’s plan … maybe something in that documentation … examine the docs again (and use that 3rd item):
We have no info on Gov Ferath. Or seen him. And nobody else seems to have. Even before this.

Sneak into the Roost to find out more?
Check out the populace?
Talk to the Guard Captain?

Is there a Goshawk captain? Capt. Carnyr.

Alvin will go sneak in and try to find out stuff about the Governor.

  1. Climbing the Roost.
  2. Getting into a vantage point in hiding.
    So Alvin will creep atop the roof (B&E) and cautiously getting to the gov’s apmts (Shadows)
    And it seems like … nobody’s there …
    Watching …
    Someone brings in a candle … where is that old fool? Grab his seal.
    And can now see him, looking completely out of it.

A common potoo …

Next Time

Engaging the guard captain.

And Alvin has a plan (but will need Cid’s backflash help as he has just 1 Exhaustion left.)
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Next time!

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