Session 18 -- Get Thee to a Tonnery!, Part 7

Where We Were

Alvin is up in the Roost outside the governor’s apartments, having discovered a terrible secret about Gov. Ferath.

Capt. Camyr, and a Goat.

“And Alvin has a plan (but will need Cid’s backflash help as he has just 1 Exhaustion left.)”

(Alvin has forgotten his cunning plan, after two weeks.)

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Everyone else is going to harass the leader of the Clearing Guard, Capt. Anden, possibly spilling the beans about the Goshawk conspiracy.

O Captain, My Captain

He’s drinking in the “affluent” part of the log.
Send in word that someone (a Watcher?) wants to see him outside.

But low-trust environment … so may not be alone.

Behind a building, kinda casual. But prepped to create a distraction.
Slayer ==> 8. Works, but … unwieldy and more dangerous than intended.

Slayer and Cid in open, Tomo ready to Batman in (with Allie hiding out with him).

Capt. arrives with two guards – minute to explain yourselves.
Cid offers the proclamation for the Goshawks. “Preposterous.”

Slayer, to cover up the problems in the clearing, throwing the guards under the bus.
Persuade (Charm) ==> 4!!

Cid tries to persuade him that this is not possibly counterfeited. Trusting Fate ==> 4!!

“Arrest them.”

Tomo - always be sure to have a place to land.

Storm a Group ==> 14!!! Trade harm.

Inflict 2 morale harm. And avoid most blows (2-1=1)
Their morale is all gone, so they run.

Grab hold of the Captain.

Cid - Blindside ==> 10!! Knock him down. At our mercy.
Divest of weapons, tie up, continue conversation somewhere else.

Set off the device to cover the departure.

Whassup, Guvnor?

If Gov. Ferath is “out of it” … doesn’t clock Alvin’s entrance.

Read a Tense Sitch ==> 8
On lookout for … can see a setup where someone’s been feeding him. Mushy food … and it smells potent. Very off and stinging to the nostels aroma. Drugged.

Sneak in.

Anything valuable? (Anything personal, but also anything decorative)
Is he just ditzy, or is he drugged, or …?

Let’s go steal ourselves a governor!
Rope (depletion) – and dude is compliant. And another depletion for a ziplock of cereal.

Hear in the distance. “You mean there’s more of them? Get the fool again.”
Climb down.
Acrobatics ==> 9.
Last box of exhaustion.

In the distance. “Hey, where’d he go?” Looking out window. But since I have disappeared into the darkness with 1 hold, I have disappeared into the darkness.
Alarums and excursions!

Together. With guests.

Introduces the Captain to the Governor. Captain wants to get free, furiously. Isn’t even impressed by the drugged gruel.

Try to cure the governor? Cid use the tool kit?
Read a Tense Sitch ==> 13!!
What to know about the poison?
Who’s been doing the poisoning? It seems familiar … the alchemy is very similar to what Cid has used.

(Cid’s clearing is on the edge of the map … people coming through sick, etc., so local tradition of treating diseases before they go on elsewhere.)

Where would they have been making the stuff (ingredients)? From a certain kind of flower, but not local … relatively fresh.

Hmmm. Doctor Rankel grows flowers. Recieves info from people and gives to governor, but “not political.”

Alvin thinks the description sounds like the goat he saw.

Captain unconvinced. So let’s cure the guv.

Toolbox. But … it will take a day. And people are searching for the governor, and the captain of the guard is missing. And that’s the one thing that could have unified the goshawks with the guards.

(Note: the two guards with the captain heard about the Goshawk Conspiracy … and they may well have told others.)
Slayer - Trust Fate ==> 8.
So guards and goshawks are not working together, but both groups are looking for us.

Wanted posters of Tomo now also have a Goat and a Squirrel.

Allie is drawing her own poster.

The Next Day

Alvin sleeps – +2 Exhaustion … no, he steals a signet ring from the guv (might bite him later), and also forages. +2 Depletion
Slayer forages – +2 Depletion
Tomo fixing some wear (1 Depl for 1 Wear, plus some Foraging)

Alvin steals something valuable from the governor … that he might miss later. Like a signet ring.

Cid announces he’s concocted a potion and given it to the guv.

The guv wakes up, angry.

Slayer tries to persuade the guv ==> 7

Guv’s bones have been aching in the winter, so doctor treated … Except … it’s not winter.
Shows the guv the surroundings.
Captain … hmmmmm.

That mush? No! But recognizes the smell …

Ask the Captain to talk with the Guv.
Trusting in Fate ==> 10!

Plays? What plays? I never ordered any plays … theater built as a public improvment.
Labor camp?

Capt Anden believes us. To a point.

Convince him it was doable.

Alvin - Maybe not be so much giving orders because that lets someone take over who gives orders louder.
Guv - The pudgy raccoon has a point.

Cid - What’s the most important goal?
Guv - Back in my office and order things be returned to normal.
Except … elite goshawks, plus Rankle running things.

What if Guv and Captain find a cache of paperwork implicating the Doctor and Goshawks and present it to the Eyrie?

Guv on the fence … but the Captain is kinda convinced.
Truth and Reconciliation heaings, so the truth comes out later.

Update the guv on the bad things that have been happening.
Nods after a few moments, “If to help the people, all it takes is the self-respect of one old bird …”

A Plan for Next Time

Ambush some goshawks!

End of Session Moves

  • Alvin - Clean Paws for Stealing a Guv. +1 → Luck
  • Cid - Kept Allie Safe. +1 → Charm
  • Slayer - cleared exhaustion from Nature. (still have an advance holding)
  • Tomo - Wanted poster in Ayase’s name. +1