Session 19 -- Get Thee to a Tonnery!, Part 8

Last time …

Kidnapped the governor, got him off drugs, and convinced he and the captain of the guard (Anden) about the need to make things right.

Plan: waylay the goshawks looking for the governor.

Hey, Kids, Let’s Put On a Show!

At the theater?

Put on a play and attract some goshawks.
Pick a time when people are coming to the play.
Alvin and Slayer.

Mockery. “How do you pronounce that? Gos-hawks? Or Gosh-awks?” Also mock their relationship with Dr Rankle (insert ED jokes here.)

Slayer - Persuade NPCs ==> 13!!
See … folk in armor.

Alvin - Trick NPCs ==> 11!!
Yup, it’s goshawks!
Citizens are parting ways, self-preservation.

Find a way to embarrass them in front of the crowd?

It’s a mob/group of them, maybe a dozen.
That’s a lot!

Cid - jerry rig something, and then bow to trick easier. Whistle!
Cunning ==> 8. Works once, then breaks.
Trik and NPC ==> 7.
They stumble. Some move to go after the whistle.
Stuck in confusion.

Tomo - Storm a Group (the ones weren’t distracted by Cid’s arrow). ==> 7.

Mark wear on armor to inflict 2 morale harm.
Also show up to do more morale.
Exchange harm. They inflict 2 harm on Tomo.

Group 1 is running.

Goshawks fleeing? Crowd gasps.
Remainder, Group 2, rally back around.

Alvin – parkour back on stage.
Trick an NPC ==> 7.
“Ladies and Gentlecritters, the comedic stylings of the Gosh Awks!”

They hesitate; you shake their confidence or weaken their morale.

“It’s the raccoon! Get him!”
Takes a few moment to get them together.

Slayer – spooking them with some laid plans. Trigger the curtains and stuff to fall.
Depletion for flashback.
Create to Destroy ==> 6! Alvin helps 7.
More dangerous than needed, and large unwieldy single use.
BOOM! Dropping things down on stage area where the goshawks are.

Alvin parkour’s away ==> 10!
hold 1 - dash away from explosion.
hold 2
hold 3

Tomo - Acrobatics ==> 7. Mark exhaustion.

Goshawks fighting their way out of curtains. Crowd turns on them. They want to slink off.
Take them captive.

Crowd is cheering.

Influence toward the goshawks are the ones responsible for the last several months of unpleasantnes. Not the governor.

The crowd cheers some more.
Bring out the governor!

March on the Roost with the guard and the people.

But the Roost is locked down.

Slayer - exploding the door! But need to get the crowd away from the door.
“I’m gonna blow it up! I’m gonna blow it up!”

Wreck something (with Arsonist using Luck) ==> 9
Alvin advises, so ==> 10!


Doors splintered open.

Crowd rushes in.
Slayer – Daredevil to rush in.

Alvin sneaking up to make sure Dr Rankle and the Goshawk captain aren’t escaping?