Session 19 Love Letters [Prep]


… GOD dammit.

Seriously. GOD dammit.

Roll +Superior. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* You’ve got a handle on things resonably well. Honestly, the nanobots responses are not TOO different from the way your armor works, and as long as you don’t push too hard… well, you try not to think about what might happen if you push too hard, and whether the same things that happens to Jason’s psyche might happen to yours.
* Christ-On-Sale but you can’t figure how Quill can even put together a full sentence with all these voices whispering in your head. You’re not even sure he’s aware of what he’s dealing with, but now you do… at least a little bit. Take Influence on Jason and +1 forward on your next Pierce the Mask and Provoke attempt with Jason.
* You can help Charlotte out immensely if Numina can ride along inside your suit, and you juuuust had time to kludge that together before the HHL… thing. Hope [it holds together/the HHL doesn’t block the double-secure VPN connection back to the Quill compound]…

On a miss, pick 1, but you’re severely off-kilter without your personal team in your ear/head/heart. Take a condition of your choice and -1 ongoing to pierce the mask until you’re back where you belong.

Hugs and kisses,


Dear Jason,

Oh. Oh no.

Roll +Danger. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* In a way, Charlotte’s powers are just like yours - will it, and it happens. The weird energy signatures are just a HUD, and everyone’s psyche is just. So. Fragile. Take +2 ongoing to Directly Engage, -1 to Defend.
* It’s almost too easy to see what others intend, with their … you guess… auras? Out there? Take +2 on Pierce the Mask, but lose influence over the first person you… look into.
* So… cold… so alone. No wonder Charlotte reaches out to so many people. Take influence over Charlotte, and +1 forward on your next Pierce the Mask, Comfort/Support, or Provoke against her.

On a miss, pick 1, but your spirit in Charlotte’s “body” is like a fountain of all the sorts of energy Ghostheart warned against - life and death interacting in some kind of end of year catnip-based fireworks display. Oh goody.



Dear Concord,

Great. Just when you were getting the barest HINT of understanding of your OWN powers.

Roll +Savior. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* Harry’s powers are NOTHING like yours, but in a way they’re more like what you always thought having powers would be like. Look at the Legacy playbook and secrety pick the all but two of the Gale legacy abilities that you just… get. They don’t have to match Harry.
* Everyone expects Harry to be the guy who can handle being around the HHL, so you guess you’re that guy. At least for tonight. Let Panic Be Your Guide! If you have Insecure, swap it for Afraid, and take +1 ongoing to any Defend you make for your team in tonight’s social situation.
* Oh man. Just a glimpse at Harry’s social life really opens your eyes to what his life is like. Take +1 forward to your next two Comfort/Supports on Harry, when the situation involves his social life and family.

On a miss, pick 1, but the intensity of the Gale legacy is freaking you out. Take -1 ongoing to Comfort/Support until you get back to your own body (and hope that you CAN).

Love and kisses,


Dear Mercury,

Perfect. Juuuuust perfect. You were, like, the ONLY person who wasn’t hearing voice, and now THIS.

Roll +Freak. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* You’ve heard too many stories from your family to have the voice of the Concordance freak you out. If you just shut up and listen, it’s actually helping you acclimate a lot. Take +1 forward on your next Unleash Your Powers.
* You can’t do much of the stuff Concord can do, but maybe you can get the Concordance to … act like your old powers, at least when it counts? Take +1 forward on your next Defend in a combat situation, and describe it like Adam mimicking your powers.
* You haven’t thought about how crazy this has to be for Adam, but boy you’re sure thinking about it now. Take +1 forward on your next Comfort/Support OR (social) Defend for Adam… once you’re back in your own body.

On a miss, pick 1, but the Concordance does NOT like rooming with you and is making things SUPER difficult.

High-speed hugs and kisses,


Dear Ghost Girl,

You try to do something helpful…

Roll +Mundane. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick 1.

* Being inside Leo’s head and suit is like being in the middle of the season’s largest cotillion, and the center of attention. In other words, it’s a charming bit of familiarity. Take +1 forward on Pierce the Mask while visiting the HHL, as long as you interact with Leo’s “Crew” for some insight, and you can merge, if necessary, with either Otto or Pneuma - pick one - your heart gauge is weirdly aligned.
* You’ve always been clever, but there’s a difference between clever and THIS - while in Leo’s head, and talking with his people, you come to some kind of revelation about the paraphysics of one of the problems facing the team. There’s no time to talk about it now… unless you want to drop a bomb on everyone. Talk to the GM if you can’t think of something. He can.
* Leo’s life is a whirlwind, and his face is a placid pond. You never really realized. Take +1 forward on Comfort/Support for Leo, even while you’re body-swapped.

On a miss, pick 1, the MASSIVE desynchronization between Leo’s heart gauge and theirs means you cannot combine or establish communication with either Otto or Pneuma.

Hugs and kisses,

author: Doyce T.