Session 20 - Get Thee to a Tonnery!, Part 9

Last Time

Slayer had blown open the doors. The people are revolting.

Some token resistance from Goshawks, but mostly have fled. The Watchers are putting up a fight, but are quickly being overrun.

Alvin is climbing up the outside, to check out the governor’s quarters.
Slayer at one of the windows, keeping watch outside.
Tomo with the raiders, looking for named folk or threats to the mob.
Cid looking for info on Allie’s parents.

Governor has gotten swept up with the crowd.

Alvin - Everything in the upper floors abandoned.
First person is a mob member, charging up the stairs.

Cid and Tomo are with the People.

Some weird thing downstairs.

Cid and Capt Anden go down to see.

There’s a weird clockwork device. Counting down.
Star Trek 3 countdowngif

Ten minutes.

Also, a hastily covered up hole in the wall.

Cid working on the bomb. One of two gears.

Slayer – door … down to cells? Barred from the other side?
Below ground.
Smuggler’s Path!
Escape route.
Where would a path come out?
Let Cid know.
Luck ==> 6!
Audience sees the trap door opening up and a large bird coming out.
Blade to the throat.

“What are you doing out here – no one was supposed to know about this.”
“Just looking for nuts.”
They want to get the the road, send a message …
Camyr and some goat (Dr Rankle).
Looking for some opportunity.
Slayer leaves a trail of rice.

Cid disables the bomb.

And is going to take it apart.
Looking for paperwork, first.

Ruckus has calmed down upstairs, now that opposition are taken prisoner.

Tomo and Alvin (pockets bulging) come downstairs. Governor – no sign of Rankle or the Goshawk leader.

Where’s Slayer?

Cid … governor, try to find her parents? answer in this tower?

Tomo tracking down Slayer? HE HAS TRACKING!!
(Cid and Alvin following)
Tracking ==> 9.
Cid assists with what he saw of Slayer leaving. ==> 10!
Path that Slayer left.
Headed toward main road, where the messenger was intercepted before.
Tomo will try to cut them off.

Slayer … has slowed things, and Camyr is ready to cut his throat, but Rankle says need them.
Tricking an NPC ==> 9

Acrobatics to get away ==> 4!!!
Sword is now in the face, as he lies on the ground. 1 Injury.

Tomo is at the road.
Camyr threatening Slayer!
Charge, shouting loud enough to distract Comyr.

“Oh. The frog.”

Focus on engaging while Slayer gets away.
Trying to cover Slayer’s escape. Engage In Melee ==> 10!

Serious Harm, Suffer Little Harm, Frighten Foe.

“Such a brute.”

Slayer scrambles away, watching Rankle, throwing rocks.
Rankle runs.
Quick Shot ==> 8. Keep target at bay.
“My alchemically treated chainmail will protect me from anything!!!”

Alvin bounds through the clearing…
Parkour ==> 11!
… snagging the satchel off Rankle’s shoulder.

It is quite heavy.

Cid. Jury Rig an alchemical thang to react badly with the magic chainmail. ==> 10!
Hand it off to Slayer.
Targeting Someone ==> 10!!
Armor neutralized.
Free shot with a rock.
Rankle goes down with a big welt on his head.

Tomo -
A mere brute? A mere brute?
Switches hands ==> 6!

Cid plonks an arrow, so ==> 7.
Startle and do morale harm.

Fight to surrender or subdue. ==> 10!

Alvin opens up the satchel. A ton of bricks?

Some coins … and … odd metal bricks.
Cid: treated with alchemy.

Slayer collapses the tunnel. But also … it’s Rankle’s private lab. Flowers gown underground! Maybe some stuff that Cid wants before collapsing it.
Burn it all.

But clear depletion, first.

Bring the prisoners back to the Governor.


Clean up has started at roost.
Governor ordering folk to be released, have guard help people who are having problems.

Governor gets Cid the docs being looked for.
Tomo’s prisoner being put into cells, awaiting trial.

Anything about Ayase?

Alvin not giving over the ingots.

Tomo - repairing armor.
Alvin offers up half the ingots to get some cool benefits.

(Remove cumbersome from armor, plus 1 box)

Governor – will help us however we can.
Yes, this conspiracy came from Roosten. Kind of embarrassing that the Goshawks were arrested by a governor, but … plenty of evidence.

Depletion: 3 cleared (which can be converted to wear)

Some information:
The info Cid obtained indicates Allie’s parents are prisoners being kept in Rooston.
Tomo learns that Ayase found religion – now working for the Lizard Folk.

Ideas for Next Time

Goals for final blow-out:

  • Freeing Allie’s parents.
  • Confronting Ayase in some fashion?
    Pair of ideas:
  • Prison break in Rooston. // Slayer, Tomo, Cid
  • Follow up with prisoners in Allaburrow, and help Woodland Alliance.

End of Game Moves!


Cid – Development (yes), Protection (time passes, yes)
Tomo – Harm to foe’s interests (yes). → cross-country, exhaustion/injury
Alvin – Freedom (yes), Clean Pays (yes)
Slayer – Chaos (yes), Anti-Militaristic (yes)

Swap out stuff?

Eyrie - neutral
Denizens - +1 prestige

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My one regret for this session is I realized too late I set up James for an Ides of March joke and I feel like both of us missed it. :wink: