Session 20 prep

Well, session 20 Roddy prep.

Hey Roddy,

It’s been a heck of a Saturday. You didn’t expect to end up on the wrong side of the HHL. You didn’t expect to be SO DONE with Powertronic (well, maybe part of you did - it’s hard to totally ignore he’s kind of a tool - you used to get in arguments about it when you were a kid).

You DefINiTLy didn’t expect to be waiting in the nurse’s office with GW, with a lot of silence and time on your hands for thinking. More thinking than you really want to deal with. Lots of thoughts bouncing around your head. You’re not really a planner.

It’s not super fun.

Pick One:

  • Cynic edginess is so 2019, but I was GOOD at cynic edginess Roll a Comfort and Support for GW (yeah she’s an NPC - it’s fine). Take +1 forward to a comfort and support with a teammate, following this, regardless of the outcome - it’s going to teach you some things, either way.
  • Less brain, more heart? Swap Mundane and Superior, then Assess the Situation with regards to Everything Going On - you’ve got time to think, but you’re all… emotional and stuff.