Session 21 - Rooston, We Have a Problem, Part 1

A few days after the Tonnery take-back. …

The Theater is being used as a public place for an audience with the governor and the People.

Gov. Ferath provided info that Cid was looking for – but none of that appears good. Lists of transfer papers – Allie’s parents being relocated to Roosten, where some executions are scheduled, and also this info is out of date.

Getting the Hell out of Dodge. Or Tonnery

Cid: feeling guilty about wasting time here. Goes and starts packing.
Alvin: We leaving?
Cid: Yup! Get the others, get packed.
Alvin: Hokay.
Tomo: (hanging around the the smithy) (they finish up Tomo’s armor)
Slayer: (in a bar, overlooking the theater)
Cid: All sorts of food we can scavange, we;ll be fine, let’s go!

Leave town a bit quicker than expected.

Various folk come by – friends from the bar.
Bag of chili pecans for the road.

Travel Along the Path – Urgently Fast
Cid rolls (at +2) ==> 7

We overtake a caravan. Driver (rooster) – lumber caravan. Hop on.
There for the festival?

Building bleachers, gallows, all sorts of fun!
Lots of crowds – cousin Boland will give us a tour for a reasonable price. Or anything you need. (Gives a Corvid Conspiracy gesture.)

Hours of small talk.

Pulls off at the depot. Suggests going in the south gate, not the west one.

A Place to Rooston

Crowd outside of the city.
Crowd at the gate.
Better to find a place inside than camping outside.
Queue up to enter.

Line growing behind us. Moving very slowly.

Folk in front of us from Milltown.
Alvin wanders toward front of the line.
Hundred ahead of us.
Others checking things out. Guards – “Sorry, but can’t let anyone in until Noon. Then twenty more.”

Cid – Roguish Feat - Counterfeit. ==> 11!!
Travel passes. Plus Governor’s Mark.
We go to the front.
Guards let us in, but crowd jeers and throws things at us.

Oh, look. Crowds.

Oh, look. Gallows.

Oh, look, a cart. With bars. Tomo: note another toad in the jail cart. AYASE! In a yellow cloak. Like in Sundew Bend …

Alvin: We should find a place to stay.
Slayer: Why are we here, in case anyone asks.
Cid: Allie’s parents are here.
Alvin: We can stay with them
Cid: No. They’re here for the festivities and they aren’t spectators. Or vendors.

Allie: So … we’re gonna overthrow a governor again.

On the Planning of Plans

Cid reads a Tense Sitch ==> 6!!
Best way in/out/through … use Ayase as a tool to alert people or startle or distract from a prison break?
… Odd yellow cloak, same as others who were in the cart.
Lizard Cult!
So … maybe Silverpelt is here?
Plot to get the Lizard Cult prisoners free.
… actually, as many as possible.

Distraction – letting the hordes in? (Plan B)

Alvin: find out the order of executions. Tomo comes along to Help.
Find someone in official robes, coordinating things. With a lackey with a clipboard.

Sleight of Hand: ==> 15!!!
List of things that need to be done, and a timeline to go with.
Times of the executions, but not who.
Starting two days from today.

Slayer: Look for the Corvids. Goes alone.
Looking for Boland.
Boland comes quickly enough when word gets around.
Make the mob sign.

Executions? Just the Eyrie doing their stuff.
Chitchat about problems down in Tonnery.
So, how about some explosions?
Reputation (Corvid) ==> 9. Yes, but there’s a price. Lose some prestige with the Corvids.
Back end of a building.
Boss – you’ve been causing us a lot of trouble. Name’s Rayland.

  1. Restock.
  2. Information.

Got someone moved up to the front of the line. Used to be part of the Guard, but found some treasonous material in their home.
Gives his card.
Not followed.
Place to stay? Something nice: a place built into a tree. The Woodsman’s Weatherstick. Just off the clearing center. Up to three rooms.

Prisoners are in the subterranean dungeon.

Plan to get rid of guards.
Crowd floods into the city.
Gate mechanism.
Checking out the gate we entered at.
Cid goes to check out the mechanism. ==> 6!
Alvin helps, knocking something over as a distraction. So 7.
Gate fails safe – fails closing to keep people out. Giant wheels turned by people up in the parapet (cripple but don’t destroy).
Wedge a wagon in? The prison wagon? And the crowd flooding in will be keeping the guards busy.

Alvin - guard is pissed off.

“It was a bee!” Name? Inigo Montoya. Citation. You have two days to pay these – or else (gallows!). And threatens Scarfy!