Session 22 - Rooston, We Have a Problem, Part 2

Catching up (a month and change later) …

We were planning on springing people from jail … including Ayase!
Prep work.

Night has fallen – and we find the night is alive with lights, paper lanterns, even the Roost is drapped in fluorescent moss.
Food vendors!

Get the gate open, overwhelm the guards, while we free prisoners.

Gates are still crowded.

Could we disable device on the parapet mechanism to raise the gate?
Can disable open or closed.

Cid/Slayer can get to and disable the mechanism.
Alvin/Tomo will get the prison wagon.

Slayer and Cid

On the outside, pair of guards, stopping people from coming in.
Up on the parapets, another pair of guards, watching outwards, at the ready to slam the gate closed.

Night time. None of the guards are at 100%.

Door to the parapet - mouse guard.

Cid - bow shot to distract guards to be looking outside the walls.
Trick an NPC ==> 15!
Arrow with a whistle – everyone tenses, guards are distracted (but alarmed). Mouse guard ruses over to other guards. Agree to lower the gate.

Explosive Ruckus? Make the guards suspect/accost the crowd.

Slayer - Sneak ==> 14!!!

Vendor tents to sell to lined up folk.
Want to make it look like one of the guards caused the tents to collapse on the crowd.

Wreck Somethiung ==> 6 !! 2 Wear ==> 7.
Overdid explosives, making it more wreck-y.

Crowd startled, uncertain … and a cross-beam lands on Slayer (2 Harm). Trapped. Slayer tries to deflect …
Trick an NPC ==> 4 !!
On fire.

But at least the guards are leaving their posts.

Alvin and Tomo

Is there a wagon there?
Trust Fate ==> 12!
But the Scarfy Guard is there, guarding the motor pool.
Alvin hides Scarfy.

Yells to the fox guard, telling about a rabbit who stole Scarfy.
Trick an NPC ==> 8
Steps out of the booth – yeah, I’ll help you … for MONEY. Bullying …

Tomo: Hey, that’s my raccoon!
Roguish Feat ==> 6
Alvin uses Scarfy to restrain him.

So guard is cold-cocked. Prop him up in his guard shack.
Tomo will drizzle him with booze, leave it in his hands.

(Alvin claws off some silver bits from the governor’s carriage)

Hitch up some beetles, pull out of the lot.

Beetles are stampeding!
Alvin gets them under control. ==> 12.

Over to the gate as the guards run outside.


Picks the lock to the door ==> 0. Wear.
Guard shack with a spiral staircase up to the gate mechanism.

Counterweight mechanism, chains, pullies, control wheels.

And a guy who does that. Big and strong. Peering out window.
Blindside ==> 8.

Finesse to force OPEN: ==> 11!

And everyone …

Guards are descneding on Slayer.
Tomo … chops a beetle free, charges them …

Storm a Group! ==> 6
Alvin flips up some tack, so 7. Exhaustion.
Trade Harm. They do 3.
Wear - 2 Morale harm, kocking them to 0.
Burn another exhaustion to cause them to harm each other.
And helping Slayer (clears exhaustion).

Opportunity … to get unpinned?
Wreck Something (Luck!) ==> 7.
Free of the log. Guards are on Tomo.
Crowd is turning on Slayer.
Cid tries to trick the crowd ==> 8
Crowd hesitates, runs inside.
Crowd chases into the city.

Guards are moving to try and stop the crowd, despite Tomo being there.

Slayer tries to hide in the tower. ==> 7 (succeed, with exhaustion)

Unruly mob charging into the city. Some are definitely angry, looking to make a mess. But the rest are, um, hey, we can join the fun! A couple of hundred. Streets will be packed.

Weapon rack. Tarp or sack.

Alvin gets Tomo to wreck the wheels ==> 11!
He does it in passing, and Alvin tumbles (9!) tumbles onto the back of the beetle. But loses the last of his Hot Cross Bun.

Prison Break

Over to the Roost.

The prison is in the dungeon.

Guards are exiting to deal with the influx of citizens.

Cid presses through the guards, waving paper. “Messenger coming through!”
Trick an NPC ==> 10
Sneak (Fate) ==> 8. Depletion.
Slayer joins. Allie waits for Tomo and Alvin.

3 guards taking care of all the prisoners.

Slayer throwing rocks to distract and draw someone upstairs.
Cid kicking a guard over to one of the cells?
Slayer - Trick ==> 6!
Cid: “It’s the killer squirrel!”
The Mouse Guard follows after. the other guard is … “Squirrel?” Overreacting.
Blindside ==> 12 – kick guard into the prisoners. Ayase grabs, pins, punches. Prisoners definitely grabbing the key.
Cid - I am here to help, and have weapons.
Ayase - You work with Tomo. You want to trick us.
Cid - I am really here for them (Allie’s parents), I don’t care about you.
Persuade an NPC ==> 5!!
Ayase - demands the healing kit for the shaman. Cid tries to negotiate, will heal the shaman.

Lizard Cult folk exit en masse, will deal with Shaman.
Left the key.
Cid lets them out.

Meanwhile, upstairs …

Tomo talking with guard on beetleback.
Demands for paperwork.
Slayer running upstairs.
Tomo tosses paperwork in guard’s face, charges toward the mouse with beetle.
Tomo attacks mouse. ==> 9. Falls down the stairs.
Attracting attention.
Guard outside starts
“And that one signed out 300 gold pieces and never returned them!” he says toward Alvin.

Tomo guiding beetle around, trying to fend off the guards.

And then Ayase and cultists arrive.
Ayase points.

Tomo channels his inner Slayer – pulls back off the beetle.

“The frog has escaped!! Get them! It’ll mess up our paperwork!”
Trick and NPC ==> 10!

Weapons! The cultists charge the guards, who are charging back.

One jumps onto the beetle.

Full-blown prison riot, and the prisoners are now armed!

Allie’s parents: Glenna and Matt LeBoeuf.
Cid unlocking their cell door.
“Hey, what’s going on there?”
“I’m breaking your prisoner out!”
Mouse Guard charges with a spear. Cid uses a spear back.
Cleave ==> 7.
Inflict 3 Wear; mark wear on own spear.
Cid persuades with threats ==> 10!
Guard goes and locks self in closet.

Continue freeing prisoners.

Alvin - borrows a molotov cocktail or three form Slayer, to burn paperwork of prisoners upstairs.
Into the shadows …
Workers are looking out the windows on the 2nd floor. Over to the records.
Slayer wreck ==> 6.
Alvin helps. It’s burning!

But … attract attention.

Down the stairs.

And we are bugging out.

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