Session 23 - Rooston, We Have a Problem, Part 3

We head for the gates. We have Matt and Glenna with us.

Mass chaos with mini-riots from people who have rushed into the city, guards fighting back against them, and, oh, yeah, FIRE.

People fleeing from the Roost into Roosten.


Then Things Get REALLY Crazy

Then … a crash from the West Gate. We can see … a figure slithering over the wall! THE GIANT SNAKE!

And the cultists are chanting, “Snake! Snake! Snake!”


Alvin Reads the Tense Situation ==? 12!

  • Why is the snake here? There’s someone riding on the snake! It’s Silverpelt. (Share with Cid)
  • Best way through to the snake (that don’t involve riots). Take to the rooftops!
  • Hold 3rd Q

Send Allie with Matt and Glenna toward the south gate (with other prisoners).
Big hug with Cid.

Easily traverse the rooftops. Until …

A Side Quest

Approach a handful of cultists … climbing onto a building, and chucking torches at the people below.
Tomo charges in with a Vicious Strike on one ==> 13! Dead.

Alvin comes in – Parries a cultist and disarms him from torch. Gets punched in return. Getting exhausted!

Slayer charges in and throws rocks. Quick Shot ==> 11!
Cid - targets the one Slayer hit. ==> 8

Tomo meets his charge – trying to hit before they get a good grip. ==> 9. Inflict serious harm.
But … gets hit by an arrow! Ayase! 1 Injury, 1 Exhaustion.

Cid - Shoots Ayase – Accurate. But … Miss.
Ayase charges and leaps to the next rooftop.

Tomo charges back to Ayase.

Cid Quick Shoots the injured cultists ==> 12!

Alvin parkours over to the torch, nabs it, and runs off to the other rooftop.

Tomo against Ayase. Grapple! ==> 10! Both are off the beetle and on the rooftop.

  • Exhaust for 2 injury
  • Withdraw (but A exploits and does 2 injury)

Cid snipes at the bottle the other cultist with Ayase was with. ==> 14! They go Wilheming off the side of the building.

Bunny is going off to grab another torch. Slayer checks more rocks. ==> 7.

Alvin parkours over and steals the other torches.

Tomo … switches hands. ==> 10! Reduces exhaustion, and then inflicts injury!

Ayase’s club and armor are looking ragged.
Big joint engage in melee! ==> 10! Wants her dismayed and realizing the consequences of having betrayed their lord.
Ayase is out of boxes and at Tomo’s mercy.
Drops to her knees, falls forward … dead.

Tomo sheds a quiet tear.


The bunny runs.

Alvin selfishly runs over and loots the cultists bodies.

Handful of coins, bits of strong string for tripwires. Three vials of clear liquid.
Cid IDs as sulfuric acid.
(Alvin recovers Exhaustion for selfishly trying to steal something valuable.)