Session 24 - Rooston, We Have a Problem, Part 4

Last Time …

  1. Dealing with cultists on rooftop.
  2. Tomo got sick-ass revenge.

Now, for the Thrilling Conclusion of … Root!

We continue across the rooftops, approaching the Giant Snake and Silverpelt.


The snake is demolishing things as it goes down the street.

Cid asks Slayer for all his explosives. And more.

Plan is to lob every explosive into the mouth.

Roost – some explosives for construction. Oh, hey, some of them may be already catching on fire. Eep.
Maybe some of the construction stuff outside the city.
Use the Corvid contact.
Fireworks from the “games” and executions?

The Plan!

Slayer goes to their contact, Raylen.
Finds a hidden path!
Downward …
Shivering in the dark is Raylen.
Cache of explosives! Woot!
Raylen scampers off.
Clear a depletion.
Create to Destroy!

Alvin is going over toward the gallows where he saw some fireworks.
Panicked people flooding the streets, running, heading toward south gate.
See … a white and red striped supply tent. Mostly intact.
No guard. But will need to force through the crowd.
Or … Parkour! ==> 7.
There are folk sheltering inside. “Get away! We’re hiding from teh cultists here!”
“OMG, the fire is coming this way, you’re all going to die!”
Trick a PC ==> 7 - Grab the fireworks, dash away.

Deliver to Slayer.

Cid - use the fireworks to get snake’s attention; Cid uses a crossbow at the tongue to get mouth open; lob in bombs; profit!
(Alvin to keep Silverpelt occupied) (Tomo to deliver the explosives)

Last Tense Sitch roll – how is Silverpelt controlling the snake? Some sort of attractant bomb; also a calming effect.

I love to see a plan come together …

Alvin – “Hey! Silverpelt! Thanks for the scarf! It’s sooooooo pretty!”

Trick and NPC ==> 9, but sassy and Scarfy boost to a 10.
Silverpelt sees, locks eyes, widen, throw out another powder thing. “Kill the heretic!”
Oh, this is an angering powder thing.
Alvin has full attention of snake and Silverpelt.
Alvin does a funny, mocking dance.

Cid – Blindside the snake with a sulfuric acid arrow. ==> 7
Hit! Panicking! Whipping head around! Silverpelt trying to hold on.

Slayer explosives - Create to Destroy ==> 13!!
More Dangerous Than Intended.

Tomo … Improvised Weapon kind of like Hurl ==> 8


And we are endangered by fire and flying snake innards.

Cid – “And every lizard cultist is going to get the same. I’m coming for you!” (Take some notoriety.)

All roll on luck.
Alvin ==> 11!
Slayer ==> 13!!
Tomo ==> 7 → 1 injury
Cid ==> monologues a bit too long. 6! 2 injury.

Snake goes down. Secondary explosions.
Fling Silverpelt off and away … and onto a statue, impaled.

Cultists break and run.

Cid tries to rescue Silverpelt. He calls down doom on us all, takes a parting swing at Cid.

What is everyone doing now?

Slayer - wanting to confront Raylen. Confront with a fang. Want to convert him. Explosives went to good use. Continue to help to improve lives of the people of Roosten.
Bully/Persuade ==> 11!

Cid - administers first aid to people.
Down by South Gate – Glenna, Matt, Allie, helping people get out. Allie calls out.
Assists people going through the gate.

Tomo - Helps with town on fire. Organizing a fire brigade.

Persuade an NPC ==> 7.

Beetle is named Starlight.
His hat is impressive and inspirational.


  1. Run thru Silverpelt’s pockets. Do find a battle horn.
  2. Helping people hurt by snake, riot. (work with Cid?) (and if there’s anything shiny …)
  3. Keep an eye out for the authorities.

Read a Tense Sitch ==> 13!! Why not all three?

  • Rescue a denizen
  • Get some treasure … oooh, bird jewelry.
  • Get some info on the Aerie nobility - can see where roost evacuees and carriages … wealthy folk fleeing the city south toward Tonnery, others west to Blackpaws Dam and north to Pinehorn.

Work thru the evening and night.

All - Prestige with Denizens.
Slayer, Alvin - More gains with Denizens (partner)
All - Lizard Cult notoriety. Alvin and Slayer are more so.

A Brand New Day

Next day …
The town is in half-burnt shambles.

People getting into the food from the festival.
People realizing the Aerie has left.
Alvin tries to encourage them. They don’t NEED the Aerie

He is respectable, almost esteemed.
==> 8 … clear 3 Prestige, but convince them that they can determine their destiny.

We have overthrown the capital of the Eyrie.

The Eyrie’s center of power is lost. Their grasp will not be what it was.

We have made a change. Perhaps for the better … only the future will tell.

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Thanks, Mike!