Session 5 - No, Mr Bond, I Want You To Roll Die

XP Spend …


Making contacts with people … which give bonuses.

  • People can be just an NPC, who might make certain things narratively possible.
  • You make them a Connection (Connection > Make A Connection). Then when you go to them for help and stuff, you get a +1 on what you trying to do. How difficult is it to make them your friend?
  • You can upgrade a Connection to a Bond by doing that … leverage their help, asking for help, sharing a moment, helping them, testing the relationship … when you “complete the quest” they become a Bond (XP!) and upgrade what they can do.
  • You can then make a Companion as an asset.

So … plans?

  • Earl … not really making a Contact on the planet. He’s more prone toward space-borne folk.
  • Nails … Elijah a Contact (Troublesome) … Make the Connection, Heart ==> Weak Hit … did complete a quest in their benefit, also completing the skates (6/10)
  • Bleys … Leslie (the brave one at Lincoln) … Dangerous. ==> Weak Hit. Need to convince to leave the bunker. They were the rep, so heard the speech … 2 marks of completing the Bring Them All Together, and another for the skates. (4/10)
  • Cortex … not any leaders, but

Probably need a relationship with Carter, on behalf of the group, given we helped him get power. Earl ==> Weak Hit (with Mo). Formidable. Complication: he wanted to be in charge. Agreement on coming together, skates, speech. (6/10)

(Whole group / shared … Wayfinder. If more personal, do on char sheet).

We return to the planet surface

So … we’ve returned folk back to the planet.

Bleys - Helping the folk at Shackleton. Leslie (up at the ship?) … using Algo? Vow fodder?
Nails - Help Mariposa become survival more stabilized. Mix the groups successfully.

Establish functional, mutually beneficial cooperation. (Formidable) Bleys ==> Strong Hit! Emboldened and know what to do next.
“So we have the Jocks [Mariposa], the Nerds [Navarin], and the Wimps [Shacklton].”
(sub-vows) … smaller quests building into larger quests. How do you eat an elephant.

Possible Vows

  • Cortex: Repair the Vault (Mariposa) – Cortex ==> Miss. Significant obstacle. In Mariposa, Faith wants to loot the vault for her people’s stuff. “Looting is the first step to understanding.”
    Convince them it is their best interest.

  • Establish the satellite is working (group)

  • Deal with the Popsicle People

  • Earl: Get Navarin knowledge vaults online for the colonies - Earl ==> Strong Hit (Troublesome). Carter thinks that’s a great idea. (Btw, you promised me eyes – Connection).

  • Nails: Help the Vault be safe and secure (vs skates and looters) (Troublesome) ==> Complication!

  • Nails: Help Mariposa find their place in the planetary society (pride) (Dangerous) ==> Strong Hit. +2 Mo. Swearing it to Elijah, +1, a perilous quest in his service. Conclude! ==> Strong Hit! Bond with Elijah!
    Now also a Guide/Survivalist. (Help teach the folk at Shackleton.)

  • Bleys: Teach the people of Shackleton how to be autonomous. Vow to Leslie (+1) ==> Weak Hit. Leslie is excited, but reluctant. Exciting, but terrifying. Leaving the safety of the bunker. Leslie is now 6/10.

Okay, now we actually return to the planet surface

We go back down the gravity well

Earl: -1 Mo.

Land in Mariposa – Leslie is with us, but drop of Carter at home (target). Faith is with us.

Faith checks in with folk. “So, those were very nice words, while up in space. But … we have the largest group, and we might be getting the raw end of the deal. Carter is nice, though he couldn’t survive a day on his own. Leslie is nice, but the AI is crazy and never want to deal with him. We should take the vault and start living there.”

Earl: We can connect all that info at Naverin over here … you could use this stuff, live there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create the food over at Shackleton?"
Aid ==> MISS.
Faith forearm check to the face. “You want us to depend on these folk for everything? We need to be educated?” Sucker punched for 2. (-1 Mo, to take a Health back).

Nail: Survivalist … +2 ==> +Mo Strong Hit.

Cortex: Gets Mo + roll: You’re thinking of your old life and the future taht comes from it. What’s coming is full of opportunity, options, people. The lousy lifestyle is ending. Wait on your plans, because your assumptions are about to be up-ended. Compel - Heart ==> + Mo Strong Hit!
They do what we want. Not happy, but willing to trust … for right now.
Cortex: We’re going to be working under your noses. Ask questions!
(Cortex: Vow to Repair Vault opened up. Nails: Progress on getting Mariposa working.)

Earl: walks to faith, wiping blood from mouth, offering to shake hands. Start as Group Contact ==> MISS. She just walks away.
Spirit ==> Weak Hit, -1 Mo to save 1 Spirit.

Bleys: Leslie, violence bad, Test Relationship. ==> + Mo, Strong Hit. 8/10
Conclude Relationshiop ==> Weak Hit … share a Bond, but Leslie asks something. “We … should all be friends?” “We should work together, even if we are not friends. For mutual benefit.” “I don’t think so. I think they should be friends.”
“Let me see what I can … do.”

Next Time

Yeah, lotta stuff going on in Mariposa.

FYI, some changes were made to some of the moves (a few of them might be due to our feedback?!).

From the Discord:


  • Fulfill Your Vow and Finish an Expedition miss results have been adjusted fairly significantly. Instead of reducing the track down to 1 box, you roll the challenge dice, take the lowest, clear that number of progress boxes, and raise the rank.
  • Test Your Relationship weak hit and miss results adjusted. The previous weak hit result (undertake a quest in their service) is rolled into an option for the miss, making this less of a binary situation.
  • I have removed “Ask the Oracle if unsure” prompts throughout the text, as it was getting inconsistent and fiddly. The goal will be to use the terms/glossary to reinforce that “envision” encapsulates asking the oracle when unsure.
  • Forsake Your Vow miss result now includes a series of prompts to help define the cost of the failure, as a means of giving this result more narrative impact.
  • Make a Discovery and Confront Chaos are now choose or roll, instead of only roll, in order to provide more flexibility for fitting a discovery/chaos to the situation.
  • Strike and Clash now use the “Mark progress twice” term, per the rulebook
  • Other minor wording updates

Docs updates on my Google Drive. I’ll update the text on the Roll20 before the game tomorrow.