Session 5: PowerPony and Link's Chat [Cutscene]

@PowerPony: Hey. Is this Link?
@DontCallMeZelda: Yep
@PowerPony: Sweet.
@PowerPony: [20 minutes later] so… I mean. you in the crosshairs now. How’s it going?
@PowerPony: _you’re
_@DontCallMeZelda: Learning what we don’t know. Which is a lot.
@PowerPony: So we … have kind of a network.
@PowerPony: we don’t know everything, but we know some stuff. maybe we can … dunno. help. some.
@DontCallMeZelda: I’d like to hear more about that, definitely.
@PowerPony: Cool. Okay. Gonna get some new friend invites from people. most of them are ponies.
@DontCallMeZelda: uh. like actual ponies? you never can tell in this gig.
@PowerPony: Pony names.
@PowerPony: well, mostly.
@DontCallMeZelda: okay, I’ll expect them. Are you supers, fans of supers, or what?
@PowerPony: Heh. yeah.
@PowerPony: I mean.
@PowerPony:** yeah I shouldn’t. say. I’m not.
@PowerPony: other people you’ll need to ask, I guess.
@DontCallMeZelda: fair enough. I understand a desire for privacy. Tough to build trust if nobody says anything. But I’ll share what I can, if that helps yr group.
@PowerPony: not that, I just won’t out anyone without their okay
@DontCallMeZelda: that’s fair. for me it’s different I guess. I’m not protecting my family from people. I’m private b/c I protect people from my family.
@PowerPony: … h-uh. Okay. plot thickens.
@DontCallMeZelda: more about that some other time. You mentioned help. I assume that means providing information. I’d never dream of asking civilians to join a battle.
@PowerPony: I. am. talk. in. to. yr. girllll.**
@DontCallMeZelda:** which one?
@DontCallMeZelda: well, maybe I misunderstood. I’m not seeing anyone, but I know some girls, so… who are you talking about?
@PowerPony: [Sends selfie of her and GG]**
@DontCallMeZelda:** ah yes, okay. I’d have been worried if you were talking about someone else. hope you two are having fun :slight_smile:
@PowerPony: she’s cool.
@PowerPony: weird cool. but cool.
@DontCallMeZelda: weird cool is the best kind of cool. But I’m weird so I’m biased.
@PowerPony: how so?
@DontCallMeZelda: weird cool is best b/c it takes courage to be weird if that’s what you want to be. You can be yourself, or you can be what other people tell you to be.
@DontCallMeZelda: guys who fight crime while wearing cars are weird by most peoples’ definition. or by old heroes anyway.
@PowerPony: old are lame.
@DontCallMeZelda: some older people are cool tho. it all depends.
@DontCallMeZelda: for example you are hanging out with someone who’s very old, depending on how you count it :slight_smile:
@PowerPony: she’s not old, she’s just been young for a really long time.
@PowerPony:** [20 minutes later] whatcha doing?
@DontCallMeZelda: trying to help a friend overcome fear. I owe him.
@PowerPony: cool. how?
@DontCallMeZelda: oh god I’m an idiot. You still with GG? ask her if she can deliberately scare people. and if she would.
@PowerPony: not like drop em off a building thing?
@PowerPony: yeah… sec
@PowerPony: yeah…
@PowerPony: likeshe can but she’s scared to?
@DontCallMeZelda: if she can scare my friend, but … like, casually. Until he’s used to feeling that fear. It’s like training, or practice. Do it until it feels familiar.
@PowerPony: … k.
@PowerPony: Better talk to her, I think.

author: Doyce T.

uh. like actual ponies? you never can tell in this gig.


(“No, of course not.” “Okay.” “They’re Kymellians – they’re aliens who just look like ponies.” (Spit-take))

author: *** Dave H.

Nobody told me it was @JuliePowerPony

author: Bill G.