Session 55 [Prep] - Love Letters


Hey there, hero.

It’s only one grainy bit of video footage, but it’s gotten a LOT of play: you, in Mercury’s face in the midst of the worst of the destruction, screaming something at him.

Your lips are easy enough to read that all the mainstream news outlets pixelate your mouth at key points.

Given the flak Mercury and the team are taking, opinion of this footage is… mixed.

Some see you as the Yoko in a thus-far beloved team, screwing up the symmetry and ultimately causing all the problems.

Others are painting you as the lone voice of (frustrated) reason.

Many just want to know who the hell you are.

You’ve got options: **Make a Statement to the Cameras** or **Refuse to Speak to the Press.** Editorial has the moves ready.

Good luck,


author: Doyce T.

Dear Charlotte,

You’ve made great progress against the World Wounds, but the cost has been high; to you, to the team, and to the spirits in the areas surrounding each wound.

Also, you’re… kind of homeless now?

What are the most pressing issues right now? (Roll +Superior. On a 10+, two. On a 7-9, one.)

* The Spirit Realm does not demand atonement for your actions.

* The people of Halcyon are not Angry, Frightened, and Confused. You must make amends. (Editorial has a move ready.)

* You’re “crashing” in the Twilight Grove for a few days - and took the opportunity to get some much-needed answers.

Hugs and kisses,


author: Doyce T.

Dear Adam,

As - let’s face it - the most well-known and consistently well-liked member of the Menagerie (who also wasn’t on any of the destruction footage caught on camera), the last 24 hours hasn’t been too bad. All the press has just been a good excuse to spend some time with your family.

Roll +Danger. On a 10+ all three. On a 7-9, one.

* The dreams, where your family is scared of your powers, or doesn’t know about them, and you feel like some kind of imposter, are getting worse. It’s almost constant. Tell us what those Concordant kids are doing in the dream.

* The voices in your head (voice, really - just the one, voiced by a disappointed James Earl Jones) keeps muttering that you need to go somewhere, or talk to someone - someone you don’t know. Pick: Place or Person?

* Tell us about the villain who tries to make a move on your home/family, thinking you’d be weakened after the cemetery fight. How badly hurt were they, and how shining-eyes proud were your family?

On a 6-, pick a teammate who’s already forgetting the “problem with Adam.” Name them. They then choose: either continue to remember you used to be someone - something - else (and take a condition), or they let go of that annoying ‘fact’ and make potential.

Everything is going Swell,


author: Doyce T.

Dear Summer,

The news copters captured the footage, and it’s been looping on what seems like every channel for the last 24 hours. A flying figure, wreathed in light; streams of butterflies wielded in the face of an eldritch horror. A beacon of safety floating over chaos and destruction below.

Some people say it’s an angelic new hero. Some say it’s some kind of twee post-ironic commentary. Twitter trolls (and Troll himself) have dubbed the unnamed hero “Fail-or Moon” - doing nothing or ‘hovering there and looking pretty’ while the Menagerie trashed a neighborhood.

Roll +Savior, and let’s see how you deal with all the slings and arrows coming your way.

On a 10+, pick two; on a 7-9, pick one.

* Keep a low profile and hope your actions speak for you.

* Publicly apologize on behalf of the team for what happened. (Either intentionally, or it just came out.)

* Have some kind of official release about who you are, and snap back at the Trolls who say you shouldn’t be there.

On a 6-, you reach out to Jason, Link, or Aria for advice about what to do, because there’s just… too much - how did they ever do all this?!?

Hugs and kisses,


author: Doyce T.

Heya Harry,

You know those stories about the kid who decided to drop in at a party at a friend’s house, just for a few minutes, and ended up staying all night, trashing the friend’s house, and seeing it all going viral on YouTube the next day?

Yeah. That’s kind of what happened… except your friend’s house is - was - an entire neighborhood.

… and the neighborhood was a big cemetery.


The city’s mad. People are mad. The Internet either thinks the team has lost it, or (and this seems like the majority) think it’s all your fault.

And, to be fair… it might even feel like they’re right?

THE INTERNET has influence over you, and the current OPINION ON MERCURY wants to shift your Labels: +Danger (“he’s out of control”) -Superior (“he didn’t plan it, because he doesn’t plan ANYTHING”).

If you **accept** that, shift Labels as indicated (or take a Condition, if you can’t), and show us how you’re clearly accepting the Internet’s opinion of what went down.

If you **reject** the public’s opinion about you, the team, and the situation, make the Reject Influence move, and let’s see how it goes down.

If you **use an advance to permanently remove Influence** the Internet has on you, forever, that’s HUGE. Take the advance as written, make a statement to the public, and make the Time Passes Legacy move.

As always,


author: Doyce T.