Session 9 - Information Wants To Be Free


We’re all in Navarin, to talk to some folk about data.

Convinced Paxton better we have access to stuff – and need to figure out how to get the data cubes from Paxton’s backup.

And he has control over both this room and everything outside the room (in Navarin). And Carter has control outside the room. Paxton is the admin.

And so it begins …

Outside the room … hopefully out of camera view.

Earl, Face Danger with Shadow ==> Miss.
Someone needs to distract the camera.
Nails and Earl decide to spar.

Earl rows his Suffer ==> Weak Hit … -Mo, +Health

Bleys and Cortex can talk with Carter.
Can we cut the power?

Sure. But downsides:

  1. Paxton dies.
  2. May corrupt the data cubes. Key elements to what we need.
  3. Unclear what his reserve power might be. But if rail guns, though … reserve power is probably not going to help.

Pump the data into the shuttle?

Earl - hardwiring, cobbling together - Face Danger (Wits) … Nails assist with Iron ==> Strong Hit … Earl ==> OPPORTUNITY!
ALGO can funnel data directly into our databanks without a middleman.
Earl - fulfill Navarin knowledge vaults online ==> Weak Hit … still more to be done. New Vow (Troublesome) ==> Weak Hit (and other vow is complete).
Data is broadcasting out … though only the thing receiving is the Wayfinder.

Advance on ALGO rebuilding self.

Cortex - wants a viable backup of the cubes. Paxton gave him R/O access – but leery about a hardwired connection. Show Paxton see and monitor what’s going on with handheld.
Bleys … distract with metaphysical discussion ==> Weak Hit … 2 Mo to Cortex.

Cortex … distracting with numbers and graphs to Face Danger ==> Strong Hit.
And it’s clear he’s AFRAID he’s going to be called to task for his having done this all wrong.

ALGO starts running backups.
We’re not on his “good side” … but he’s not trying to kill us. Yet.


  • Cortex - unthaw experts and secure assist ==> Weak Hit. Leave as it lays, take 1 on Quest vow and clear it.
  • Bleys - step in Shackleton autonomy.
  • Nails - step in making the world a better place.
  • Wayfinder - establishing cooperation

Carter knows he’s not in full control.

Earl checks on supply (4) in ship ==> Strong Hit
Fancy booze to ply Faith with.

Bleys - Put the more serious folk into hibernation?

Free up some of the hibernation for what our needs are?
We have made progress on identifying who comes out.
Carter is okay with unfreezing folks … Bleys compel (bond!) ==> Strong Hit
A few hours later …
… and prepping the most injured into the chambers …

Sojourn …

  • Cortex does with Supply (+6) ==> Strong Hit … 2 Recovery Moves each, at Strong Hits
  • Bleys – pushes his recoveries into the Mariposans.
  • Cortex – resupply, +2, to full.
  • Earl – hearten, +3 (stress test on the good booze, with Nails)
  • Nails – repairing the Mallard - 5 pts.
  • Nails – hearten, +3 (spirits)
  • Cortex – mining Paxton’s data.
  • Bleys – getting a resource - knowledge - on the Gates. They do have some interesting data on how the Gates and satellite interacted together, very leery of experimenting at the time. So … maybe we can do some experimentation?
  • Earl – go back in time to the colony founding … how the three colonies used to be, used to work together …

Paxton hasn’t caused any shit yet.
Carter hasn’t seen any problems yet.

Bleys Fulfill Vow to get Mariposans help in Navarin (Strong Hit).
+1 tick on Quest.
Carter takes appropriate notes.

On the Road to Mariposa

Leave the techs to come up to speed / recover.

Nails … puts a bow on the steering wheel, and apologizes.
Cortex says … we should put in gun ports. “Present me with a plan and we’ll call it square.”
Fulfill ==> Miss! (+2 Failure)
Recommit … to Gun Ports. (Vow moved down to 5, and now Dangerous)

Faith … and the Random Disposition Table …

The Mariposa population is … clustered around the skate carcass.

We disembark.
Bleys is the first person out.
Faith is running forward … something in her hands … it’s big and greasy …
“Glad all you space people are here, we need you to explain these things.”
It’s a meaty chunk of the skate.
It’s pulsating.
pulsating meat

Final Details

Cortex wants to search for other stuff in the system. Vow. Miss ==> Significant obstacle. Meteor screen is blocking sensors.


Our experiment back in the day was much lower tech and involved vodka and a Brita water filter pitcher. Answer was you can make mediocre vodka taste better, but you can’t make bad vodka taste mediocre.