Site features wishlist

Put your requests for features, or bug reports, in this thread. I can’t guarantee that any given feature will be possible, but I’ll make an effort.

Notably, a lot of stuff around posting assumes that the site needs to be hardened against would-be spammers, so there’s a ton of settings for spam detection that might mess with your ability to write posts. A lot of these values can be tuned, so let me know if any of them are a problem.

Stuff I am still working on:

  • Letting users apply CSS styles & classes in Markdown, for things like text and image alignment
  • Support “Login with Google”/OAuth login (Facebook and Twitter are also possible)
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Not a wish, just something I like about This vs Roll20: I have a way to get back to the list of topics that doesn’t require scrolling all the way back up to the top of the page. Just saying. :slight_smile:

I’m sad to say that getting a Discourse dev environment up and running has been punishingly frustrating, but I’m still making efforts here. I respect the level of engineering that went into the actual forums but god damn their launcher process is complicated.

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If it is an insufferable hassle, being able to center text or float images isn’t that critical to me. If it is an exciting technical challenge, though, then have at.

And, that said, I’m enjoying the Discourse environment overall, so there’s that. :slight_smile:

With Google Auth going away, I opted for Discord instead, since we all have that going on. You should now be able to login via Discord instead of providing a forum password, as long as your email addresses match.

There’s an option to auto-validate members of certain Discord guilds [edit: what most people call “servers”] but I didn’t enable that, since I can’t think of anyone who’d want in on that. The EG Masks and Ironwall people don’t use these forums, though I’m personally fine if they wanted to start.

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