Slayer's New Feat Thoughts

Smuggler’s Path
You’ve got a good sense for finding secret paths and doors. When you spend time looking for a secret way in or out of a place that might have one, mark exhaustion and roll with Luck. On a hit, you find a hidden path—the GM will detail it and to where it leads. On a 10+, there’s something along or inside the path of value to you—the GM will tell you what. On a miss, you find a secret path…and someone else is using it right this second. They probably won’t be happy you found their secret.

Dirty Fighter
Take two of the following weapon skills: Trick Shot, Confuse Senses, Improvise Weapon, Disarm, Vicious Strike. None of the skills you take with this move count against your limit.

The Envoy
Fancy Meeting You Here
When you carouse in a popular locale, roll with Luck. On a hit, you meet a lackey of a powerful faction in the area—the GM will tell you what they do for the faction, and you tell the GM when and how you met them in the past. On a 10+, they get sloppy: they let a secret slip about the faction’s plans or offer to introduce you to the faction’s leaders on friendly terms. On a miss, someone who is looking for you finds you first.

The Pirate
Eye for Treasure
When you ask around a port about valuable trade, roll with Luck. On a hit, you learn of nearby cargo worth your time. On a 10+, you know exactly where the cargo is held or how to intercept the shipment. On a miss, you hear only of well-guarded or difficult-to-reach cargo…and your questions start drawing attention.

The Prince
One of Us
When you try to figure out or persuade vagabonds, bandits, revolutionaries, or outcasts, roll with Luck instead of Charm.

Tall Tales
When you attempt to impress a crowd with a wild story, roll with Luck. On a hit, the crowd is moved; everyone in your band takes +1 ongoing to persuade or trick someone in line with the story. On a 10+, someone foolish even approaches you with profitable work! On a miss, your stories attract someone in desperate need of help you’re not equipped to give.

Take +1 Luck (max+3).

Smuggler’s Path and Fancy Meeting You Here feel like your most fitting choices. Slayer feels like the kind of character who wants to go find trouble, and then take the shortest path to (and away from) it.

Of the two, FMYH feels more on brand. You can get some of what Smuggler’s Path provides by reading a tense situation and asking how to get in & out - but SP essentially asserts, “if there might be a secret door, there is one”, even on a miss, which is pretty powerful.

If you want to max your Luck, the only way to do that is taking a move. You’re limited to 2 non-playbook moves, so if you don’t have something in your current playbook and want +3 Luck, I’d keep one of your two advances for Favored.

Eye for Treasure: it says “port” specifically, and there’s no guarantee any given clearing will have one (unless Mike generalizes this to “market”). If we had a Pirate, we’d be traveling by ship most of the time and I imagine it would come up more often. We also haven’t been doing much work with cargo - we seem more interested in taking down people than taking up property.

The Prince: due to the limit on non-playbook moves, I feel like your better choices are elsewhere, and you can eventually get here by raising Charm.

Tall Tales: talking to crowds hasn’t been our forte. If you as a player wanted to swing that way, that’s cool, it just feels like it won’t get as much use as some of the other options here.