Son of General Inspiration Thread

Both the art and the cosplay look solid.

If this game needs a place to post stuff other than Discord, please feel free to spin up a Games sub-forum, and/or have people register. If it’s all on Discord, hopefully nobody minds if we peek in from time to time, if more stuff gets posted there.

At this point I don’t know where or if any of it will be captured, because we’ll be playing face-to-face at our friendly local gaming store / coffee shop.

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Completely unrelated inspiration - I love how the new masks main book with the Play Books included includes moves that each Playbook might want to borrow from other Play Books. It’s a new addition, and a brilliant one.

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Completely (well not quite) unrelated thing. At yesterday’s Game Day, @insomn14 brought over “Five Minute Dungeon,” which was a great game hoot, combining the best parts of D&D, Jungle Speed, and Pit. And co-op and fun.

And, in looking to put it up on my own wish list for the holiday season, I discovered there is an MCU-related version. So, comic books, not quite unrelated …


The shapes of stories, as computed by AI.

Yeah, I was thinking more about art or other creative spin-offs like this.

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Thanks for the heads up about this. I was completely unaware of that addition and so downloaded the updated copy via DriveThruRPG (it’s $2.99 at the moment if for some reason someone didn’t have a digital copy). I was amazed at some of the suggestions… particularly because I didn’t realize some of the playbooks had some of those options. The Legacy has a move for pulling their punches? Who knew.


There’s a game in development called Girl Underground, which focuses on a central Girl (in the vein of Alice in Wonderland, Labyrinth, Mirrormask, Spirited Away, etc) having a adventure in a weird secret world, with her companions.

Only The Girl has stats. No one plays the girl. Everyone plays wondrous companions. You roll with The Girl’s stats.

There’s a write up of play playtest AP over here:

I can’t help but think there’s marvelous Doctor Who reskin potential for this.

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“Curiouser and curiouser…” Alice thought herself the equal of anything, but as she pushed all the way through the looking-glass and found herself in a fantastical other world, all of her poise fell away.

She met the eyes of her host and gasped. “Why, it’s bigger on the inside!”

The Mad Hatter allowed himself to silently gloat for a few moments, then composed his features into a mask of mild surprise. “Oh? Is it, then?”


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Looks like some of the Masks G+ community is trying to put together a Masks zine and they’re looking for some contributors and gauge interest in the project. I’ve always liked these small fan-made projects and wanted to get involved in one, so I’ve already let them know I’d be done with contributing some artwork to the zine.

They’re also looking for short stories and other bits of writing, though I doubt anyone here would be interested in writing about teenage superheroes…


My first impulse would be “submit some of the existing fiction”. For that, though, I’d want to know what to submit - what interests me may not (in fact likely won’t) interest that larger community. I’d also want somebody who’d volunteer to preread, provide notes, etc. as pretty much everything I’ve written already is first-draft quality.

All that said, I look forward to seeing the zine with your artwork.

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I believe the Ballad of Hot Mess (or whatever you wind up calling that whole storyline) would make for an interesting read.

Also if you need a beta-reader, you know I’m available.

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I’d be happy to read / critique.

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I have mixed feelings about Mark Millar as a comics creator but I’ll give him a pass for this:

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Link is dead, alas.

More on Huck here: (spoilers)

Millar is problematic in a lot of ways – but he does occasionally have a moment of positive, non-bloodspattered charm (Superior was an example of that).

Let’s see if this link has a better lifespan than imgur posts…

Well, if you were trying to link to more Huck stuff, that’s not the right article. If you’re trying to link to the new Shazam! comic … well, I have to confess I am not a Geoff Johns fan, for a variety of personal aesthetic reasons. I might give the first issue a read, just because I like the character, but I haven’t enjoyed what he’s done with him in the past few years. (He’s also the reason I haven’t read Green Lantern comics in a decade.)


The into the spider verse movie is flat-out fantastic and cannot be missed. At the risk of a pun, it literally has everything.

The best part: both my son and youngest daughter are now playing as Spider-man. This movie rocks.