Kaylee & Friends Masks game

I wrote up session 00 here: http://randomaverage.com/index.php/2018/11/masks-eg-session-00/

The art included is just what the kids themselves hunted down, with the exception of voltaic.

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Random notes!

  • Nice to see you got your Batman-style Vigil instead of the acid-jazz alien nonsense I cooked up for the HHL :slight_smile:
  • There has to be an evil version of the Nova character named Lucy-Fire (or maybe I’ve just been writing Hot Mess too long)
  • Palacene’s home world sounds pretty well fleshed out for a session 0, I hope that player uses the “tell people about my home” move a lot
  • My science-nerd side says that their people probably developed shapeshifting to survive the radical climate changes a trinary star system and a tectonically active planet would have
  • A swashbuckling princess as English teacher sounds amazing

Good luck to all in the next session!

Sounds like fun! As someone who never got into RPGs until college, am quietly envious of Kaylee & Co. (Or, I guess, not so quietly.)

We actually had the character of the mentor all worked out (based on the main actress from Penny Dreadful), and knew her real name, and then realized we didn’t have a Superhero name, so Kaylee scrolled through the list of names I had handy and pulled it out, which… yeah. Funny how it came about.

Yeah I’m stealing that.

There’s art! But I think it’s on the back of her character and/or backstory sheet, so I don’t have it handy.

That is EXACTLY what the girls came up with.

She’s straight out of the write-up from the Unbound book, but as soon as I mentioned the swashbuckling fencing training she did after school, the table erupted. Only five or six years older than them, basically a pirate-queen? Yeah, they idolize her.

I used my admin fiat powers to move these posts into their own topic under Games. :slight_smile:

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Using a really basic mdwiki install, I put together stuff on the team and their version of Halcyon.

As it’s a wiki, it’s incomplete, of course.


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Session 1: https://doycetopia.com/post/180922863620/masks-eg-actual-play-session-01-comicbook-clickbait

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My favorite bits:

  • Ember rising up above the crowd of students and denying their Influence/Label Shift, blasting Voltaic and revoking Influence from the whole Phoenix Academy student body.
  • The choices everyone made when they took powerful blows.
  • The nest of team moves and Comfort/Supports in the school infirmary.
  • Kaylee’s face when she figured out what the key from her Mentor was probably for.

Session 22. Youtube generates previews of the session. In all three previews, Ember’s player is melting down in different ways.



'tis only right for the pyrokinetic to be the one having a meltdown.

I’ll see myself out.


The best part is, the only thing she had going on for most of the session was her mom baking her caramel rolls.