Summer and the Janus playbook

I need an NPC or obligation for Summer to interact with. In what context?

School (pick, or roll 1d6):

  1. Nono Rodriguez - a friend at school
    Needs help with homework; personal worries or anxieties; wants to hang out; fanfic or superheroic obsession
  2. Cayden - well-meaning activist boy from school, who also knows she works at Blintzkrieg, not named on screen yet
  3. A10 - member of the Irregulators
    Needs to talk to someone about superteams; needs to talk about Harry; flying-brick mentorship
  4. Hot Mess - an enemy-or-rival-or-something with ties to Nono
    Is messing with the school; is stalking Nono; causing problems for another hero; challenge to duel
  5. Dr. Schumer & GYRO - teachers in the science department
    Wants to study Leo as a super; situation involving robot rights or super-ethics; needs to talk about recent heroic activities
  6. Pharos - an ex-JHHL member with a cynical attitude toward superheroics
    Curiosity about Menagerie; cynical warning about current activities; concerns about present-day JHHL

Work (pick, or roll 1d6):

  1. Chaima - the manager at Blintzkrieg
    Adding new responsibilities or enforcing current ones; has concerns about customer interactions; schedule changes
  2. Ryan - a coworker at Blintzkrieg
    Needs Summer to change shifts; did something irresponsible and needs coverage; has some big-brotherly mentoring to give
  3. Nono or another Pony
  4. A regular customer
  5. An irregular or stranger
  6. Something else


  • A10 or other Irregulators
  • Kid Kelvin - member of the JHHL
    Rossum-related business (if Too Cool pays off); JHHL or Menagerie concerns
  • Rossum - an evil-godfather Drosselmeyer type relationship
  • Troll - Summer might inherit the rivalry Leo/Otto had
  • SNOWMAN - a younger, much less mature version of Leo
  • Rosa Rook - once kidnapped Pneuma, may try to interfere with her as well

I need something to go wrong on a missed roll using her powers. Pick, or roll 1d6:

  1. Hologram starts glitching - illusions or traps are revealed, hard light doesn’t lift, carry, or protect, etc.
  2. A new untested system (e.g. butterfly drones) fail to work properly
  3. Visualization system picks up on subconscious impulses and a manifestation goes weird (e.g. instead of a protective dome, the hologram is a giant umbrella)
  4. Output calibration failure - she uses too much oomph (or too little)
  5. Comic invulnerability - something big falls on her or hits her, Powerful Blow and/or “take a turn to get out of it” optional
  6. Power distribution - she loses juice for a moment, or (if she’s been exerting herself for a long time) she’s low on power and must recharge soon

author: Bill G.

Aha! Method in the madness …!

Those all sound interesting.

author: *** Dave H.

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author: Bill G.