Thank God for PDFs

Yet another PBTA that looks like it could be a lot of fun: Apocalypse Keys:

The Doomsday Clock is ticking down and emotions run high as you and your team of DIVISION agents struggle to find the Keys before the villainous Harbingers unlock the Doors of Power and bring about the apocalypse.

As an Omen class monster, you wield formidable power that can greatly aid the world. But society shuns you and, more importantly, fears the things you are capable of. And so you work covertly through DIVISION, a secret organization that battles occult threats, classifies supernatural phenomena, and investigates the impending apocalypse. DIVISION not only gives you the chance to save the world but also offers the kinship of other monsters like yourself. These relationships may be the only way to stave off the growing darkness brewing within you. A darkness that threatens to turn you into the very thing you’re fighting against, a Harbinger.

Apocalypse Keys is a tabletop roleplaying game using the streamlined Powered by the Apocalypse engine. It promotes safe, collaborative storytelling, larger-than-life player characters, and both empathetic and cataclysmic solutions. Influences include: Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Men In Black, Penny Dreadful, and Doom Patrol.

You are a superhuman monster who can save the world. But who will reach out and save a monster like you? Reveal your heart, or embrace the darkness.


Play as:

  • The Last - The lone survivor of an apocalypse on your own alien world, you walk this one carrying hope, trauma, and rage. Will you let wisdom, grief, or anger forge your path?
  • The Shade - Death whispers to you. It shares the cold, cerebral truth of this doomed world. Logic is your weapon and your shield. What happens when you put it down?
  • The Summoned - A creature from another world, you are direct and aggressive. Violence can come easy to you. A cruel prophecy hangs over your head while your heart yearns to be loved.
  • The Found - You walk between the waking world and the realm of dreams. Your powerful psychic abilities allow you to read hearts and minds, but they come at a dear cost: you cannot recall your own past.
  • The Fallen - Whether a fallen angel or an exiled devil, you use your unearthly charm and deceit to navigate the mortal realm. The clutch of devoted followers you’ve cultivated may grant you great power - if you can keep your pride from destroying you.
  • The Hungry - An insatiable hunger burns inside you. It transforms you into a powerful predator and leaves you a weak, pitiable thrall. How can you cultivate friends, confidants, and lovers while possessed by a need you cannot control?
  • The Surge - Explosive, uncontrollable power wells up within you. A power you alone cannot contain. Will you share it? Or unleash it?

I could very much see running a game like that … sometime next year.


I’ve seen this promoted all over my timeline, and I feel like it’ll be one of those games everyone is into, and too few people I know will actually be playing. But I’m interested.

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Well, kickstarted it, and will be willing to give it a run (on either side of the virtual screen) when it comes out, because it hits a lot of notes.


Sort of in the same boat as Bill here. Looks interesting, but I have so many games I haven’t played stacked up that it’s just sort of lost in the noise.

That said, if someone offers to run it I’m not going to say no. :wink:

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