The crossover nobody was expecting

Only @doyce knows if I got the EG characters right for comic purposes. But our talk about show crossovers and my remembering the sentai tradition of the handoff crossover movie inspired this comic, so there you are.


I mean, I was expecting it at some point. :smirk:

My only initial confusion was “EG? I thought this was Phoenix Academy?” and then found out that it was labeled EG in the Youtube videos. Going to need to find what the EG stands for.

Eh, I needed to listen to those sessions anyway.

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I have enough problems writing characters for games I’m actually in. :smiley:

But I saw some of the fan art and realized “oh yeah, even if I don’t know what’s going on in that game, they have weird dating problems too, and that’s a torch Leo can definitely pass!”

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More about the teamup movies here. My favorite is when you get a guy who’s been a character and/or suit actor for a bunch of stuff and then do crossovers with several of his characters:

That… is bad naming on my part. it’s really Phoenix Academy, but I started off naming it masksEG because I was going to run it at Enchanted Grounds. I did that exactly one time.

Bill, the girls LOVED this. Ember’s player especially is taken over by giggling fits every time she thinks of the comic.

They spend time in the chat coming up with with other unanswerable questions they’d ask Leo.

“Why is there kissing?”

As far as appearance, I’d put Palacine (pink hair) in the pink jumper Ember’s wearing, and put Ember in a dark red or yellow hoodie with the hood down - it’s weird to see Ember in Palacine’s shirt, so to speak. :slight_smile:

I can flip the outfits, sure. Send me the questions they have and I’ll do some more comics, I guess.

I think the next opener panel is leo facing a wall of text bubble questions

"When does kissing…

"Why do you have rubber ducks when…

"If a boy…

"When you rub your temples like that…

“… teacher TOTALLY SUCKS …”

“… villain is really cute…”

“… emotional support penguin?”

I have no punchline for that panel. Good luck.

See this is the most fun part of this thing for me, because if there’s anything Leo’s got, it’s an opinion on stuff, especially love. :slight_smile:

My costuming options are pretty limited, but this is what I came up with after switching things around.


I do ♫

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Ember’s pose in the third panel broke me. :smiley:

Inspired by this movie clip, which came outta nowhere into my head this morning.

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Fun comic, with bonus reminder of why I so hated that movie. :slight_smile:

See, as an elementary school student when this came out, I loved this movie because of the crazy visuals. Then I was an angsty teenager and hated the camp. Now I’m an adult who doesn’t give a damn and I can enjoy the camp and the visuals even if it isn’t my favorite movie.

Also “it just raises too many questions” is still a favorite line.

All I’ll say is that Leo probably preferred lessons from Aria over Tommy Lee Jones.

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