The Hidden Family of the Throne

Here’s what I have from the game itself about the Hidden Family of the Vyortovian Throne. Please fact-check me if anyone knows better.

  • The Hidden Family is a secret society
  • They have been active as an organization for at least 250 years
  • There were 5-8 members at a time, either of the entire society or one particular cell
  • Signs indicate that members had an extra rib
  • According to Magus Everard, Charlotte’s family was involved, but not Charlotte
  • The Hidden Family was part of the search for keynomes
  • There was OOC speculation that the Hidden Family was the group that attacked Byron Quill & Achilles Chin when they headed to the Sepiaverse
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From the wiki, we’ve also got the following details:

  • Formed by members of the royal caste from Vyortovia.
  • Obadiah Everard (presumably an ancestor of the Magus), Charlotte’s father, and Thaddeus Letson (an ancestor of Hannibal Letric/Letson) are supposedly members of the group.
  • Looks like that speculation was also IC as well, as it looks like Amir Quill also theorized the group were behind the attack on Byron Quill and Achilles Chin.
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