The just-for-fun Season Two planning thread

*** Dave H. said:
Don’t get hit by a bus, Doyce. But just in case you do, this is the ideal moment, game-wise.

If this happens, or if season two planning is too much, no worries. We can continue. We have fallback GM options.

Otto: “Okay, so, Apokolips suddenly invades, y’all! The Menagerie has to fight back. But all the parademons are on motorcycles. Tell me what you’re driving. You can also have driver and gunner seats. I brought Fury Road on 4K if anyone needs ideas.”

Aria: “Last season, Congress passed an onerous bill forbidding American citizens from negotiating with Vyortovia, on pain of treason. Of course, the Logan Act already makes this illegal, so this was largely a sense-of-the-Senate sort of thing, to get peoples’ votes on record come re-election time. You’re in a subcommittee room. If anyone wants to Directly Engage, you can roll Mundane instead. Ghost Girl, what do you do?”

Summer: “I thought it would be neat if we did sort of a game-and-genre roulette thing, y’know, try different systems out, see how we feel? Then we can build our second season around that. I brought Ryuutama and Golden Sky Stories!”

Maury/@HeroesAreMagic: “Shinobi 7 put out the official My Little Pony Tails of Equestria game, and I spent last night with two shots of Turkish coffee doing a Masks/AW hack for it. Can anyone proofread this ‘Realize a lesson in friendship’ move for me? Mike, we’re counting on you to give everyone some solid Cutie Marks.”

A10: “You want me to run what? Huh. So I don’t roll any dice, I just tell people what happens? Yeah, I guess I can do this. Gimme that list of hard moves, let’s do this thing. Harry, uh, what would you like to do?”

Hecate: “You’re suddenly teleported to the Tomb of Horrors.”

author: Bill G.

Jason: “Okay, so I kind of hacked ‘Call of Cthulhu,’ except it’s ‘Call of Cute-Yoohoo’ and it’s about relationships, but all the mechanics are the same and you slowly go insane trying to figure out girls and deal with romantic entanglements that Man Was Not Meant to Know, at which point the world ends, thank God, and… hey, where are you all going?”

author: *** Dave H.

Sounds legit to me.

author: Bill G.