The Shape of Things to Come

First in a series.

I’m playing around with panel arrangement.

I’m actually pretty proud of this transition.

That’s sad. :frowning:

Just to clarify, the siblings didn’t marry each other.

More weddings and a funeral.

Dots a lot of Kirby art.

Gonna keep us in suspense?



You have weird dreams, Summer. Nighty-night.


Great series.

Sad for Summer, in that “immortal confronting friends’ mortality” kind of way.

I don’t think Alycia would mind a sparsely attended funeral, as long as (ssssshhh, don’t tell anyone) they are there to provide each other support. She knows enough anthropology to recognize that funerals are for those left behind, regardless of what happens to the spirit. “I’ll off fighting the next, bigger battle,” she’d comment with a wink in her later years. “I doubt I’ll be paying the attendance any mind.”

She’s lying, a bit. She’d relish the validation of a big funeral, with people offering kindnesses for what she hopes are the powerful, change-producing, humanity-advancing things she’s done, even though she’d pooh-pooh such a thing.

Love the “Quinns” – and their respective kids in turn.

Hmmm … now I wonder what Alycia’s nightmare was …

I have an idea, unless you beat me to it :slight_smile:

We saw one version of Alycia’s nightmares but those were unusual. What else might she dream about?

I’m just reusing a shit-ton of assets for these comics, it’s great. The only thing I had to create fresh was Li’l Summer.

This is getting creepy and I created these comics.

The depths of villainy.

The spiral.

Alycia snaps.