The Spread of Humanity


Per a dinner interview with Margie.

  1. Who are your people on good terms with? How about bad terms? Why?

As a squire, there’s the question of who is “your people”. Race … geographical area … etc. Ann is human, and of the community (trade union?) of squires.

Humanity are spread ubiquitously across all the lands, even amongst other races. Humans tend to be friendly to the races they live nearby. Not really on bad terms with anyone (or try not to be). In some way, they are the Squires of the world – friends to all, working class, the folk who get things done.

  1. What’s one thing your people have that no one else does?


  1. What is the political structure of your peoples’ society?

Human society is, as suggested, socially flat and democratic and communal. The specific form varies depending on the land they live in and how it’s controlled. There’s little that extends far, save trade unions, guilds, and other commercial / trade-based structures. Indeed, that’s what humans are most noted for.

  1. What do your people most value? What do they least value?

Most? Hard work.

Least? Royal privilege.

  1. What is your people’s greatest accomplishment?

Trade. Sure, others trade, but usually within their kingdoms, their races, etc. Humans are everywhere, bringing their crafted goods to all the corners of the world.

  1. What is your largest city called, and what is it like?

Humans live within the cities of others, or in towns and villages in areas they alone occupy. Their largest city is less an actual city than the an ideal … magical Bagdad … 1920s Paris … Shangra-La …

Not a real city, but an vision of what humanity (and the world) can be.

I’d just written up a city and empire of orcs who worked via democracy, even a way conquered people go about getting the vote. What should become of that now?

Ah. I’d forgotten that. Let me consult.

EDIT: I suspect, from my conversation, the human society democracies tend to being flatter and more local – closer to Athenian style true democracies (and without slavery) with everyone voting on everything, vs. representative ones.

It is kind of interesting that we are not seeing a lot of traditional feudal/monarchical kinds of models being discussed.

There’s also a version of events where the founders of Tosk borrowed (or were taught) democratic concepts by humanity, and realized that this was a way to curb and channel orcish bloodlust in positive ways.

I’d written about Mactus Gigas here, an orcish hero who brought some human kingdoms into the fold. If humans don’t value royalty and monarchy isn’t a thing they do, I need to change either their race or their governmental structure. Anyone have any favorite suggestions?