The Story So Far (Phase 3)

These stories follow the events of Phase 2, which included:

  • Alycia Chin forming a team made of Nono Rodriguez (Leo Snow’s high school lab partner), Emma Agney aka Hot Mess (a supervillain and Nono’s girlfriend), Alex Gemini Shelby (a hacker recruited by AEGIS), and SNOWMAN (Leo Snow’s android duplicate, created at AEGIS). They investigate signs that Alycia’s father is still alive and active, and learn that there is a nanotech fusion of Jason, Alycia, Byron, and Achilles that calls itself Pyrrhus.
  • Concord’s nemesis Sablestar enacts a plan to attack the Concordance by investing Adam Amari’s little sister Jordan with a Shard, turning her into the mysterious superheroine Princess Peri. Mercury investigates Peri, and eventually defends her against attacks from the Concordance itself.
  • Charlotte Palmer investigates the Hidden Family, and is almost turned into a corporate god by one of its members, Devon Crowninshield. Along the way, she and Summer Newman encounter and eventually defeat Doctor Infinity, who has plotted a way out of her own stasis trap.
  • Leo Snow discovers his mother is alive, trapped in the underwater empire of Atlantis. He must team up with his Menagerie friends to fight off the Invisible Invasion, as Atlantis attacks the surface world out of nowhere.
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