Wands in Twilight (again!)

I dusted off my cute-witches game from last year, now that I know a lot more about both coding and typesetting.

The “source code” for the game is now all in Markdown, and it lives here: https://github.com/Astral-Frontier-Games/witch

There’s three sets of files: the rules themselves, one file per coven, and one file per playbook. I’ve got a script to put it all together into a PDF. The result can be seen here:

If or when people are around for Saturday playtesting, I’d like to see where this goes.

I know ahead of time that the playbooks all need a complete list of abilities, and all the covens are too generic for right now. I have ideas to flesh them out. One advantage of this new system is that I can easily produce new or spinoff versions of the game material without losing anything.

Looks great! I’m completely down to help playtest this when/if folks are available to do so.